Super Bright Light On Drone! | 10,000 Lumens!!!

by FoamyRC | May 1, 2016 | (0) Posted in Projects

    Have you ever wanted to night fly with fpv? But you don't want to have to buy a new fpv camera that is made for the night. Well we have a solution for you. The light we used in this video only cost around $30! We will have a link to all the parts we used below. If you are interested in doing this you will need these materials, soldering iron, solder, hotglue gun, superglue/ epoxy, zip ties, and 2 small screws.

          1.  Now its time to build the light. Start out by soldering 2 wires to the pads on the LED ( you can decide how long you want them to be). After your done soldering them we would recommend that you hotglue them to make sure they don't short out.

2. Connect the wire from the LED to the voltage step up. Then put 2 more wires from the voltage step up to a battery connector of your choice.

3. Attach the LED to the heatsink with 2 screws. Then glue on the lens with superglue or epoxy.

Now all you have to do is put it on a plane, quad, ect. We decieded to put it on a Blade 350 QX and it was a blast. This is what our finished one looked like.




 If you have any questions please ask them and we will answer them. 

If you want to see it when we made it into a flashlight click the video below. 

If you want to see it on a plane click the video. 

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bird2jump on July 30, 2016
Where's the promised links to the LED & other hardware?
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bird2jump on September 7, 2016
Can you submit a list of materials and where to purchase these materials? It would help scratch builders to determine what the items are to add to the drone or plane. Thanks.
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FoamyRC on September 10, 2016
Here are all the links to the parts!



Voltage Step up-

Heat Sink-

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Super Bright Light On Drone! | 10,000 Lumens!!!