Micro Calypso FPV

by FliteTest | July 5, 2016 | (0) Posted in Reviews

The Micro Calypso is an affordable micro electric sailplane that assembles in minutes and is super fun to fly. It’s a fantastic plane for beginners and for those who don’t have access to large open flying spaces.

Our resident newbie, Stefan, test flew the Calypso line of sight to see what it can do! It handles well in the wind and flies great when it’s calm too.

We modified the Calypso for micro FPV using the Hyperion TVL and flew it through the woods behind our shop.

To modify the Calypso for FPV, remove the wing and pull the power cable through the top of the fuselage. Scrape the insulation from each power lead and solder on the micro FPV unit. Insulate the exposed wires, tuck the power lead into the top of the fuselage and route it out the bottom. 

Hot glue the module to the fuselage, and you’re ready to fly!

The Calypso can handle a lot of abuse thanks to its magnetic wing. This causes the wing to fall off when the plane hits something.

As you’re learning to fly FPV, start with a simple monitor like the Eachine Diversity and a tiny camera setup.

What are your favorite micro planes to fly? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!


flying-coqui on July 5, 2016
Oh really great design, I have a challenge for you guys made a fpv plane that can fly for a long time, be cheap and strong.
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chase on July 8, 2016
What can one expect for range with the RTF? Flight time? Winds up to
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Anon Pilot on July 21, 2016
Homework assignment... write 500 words on what characteristics a model airplane review SHOULD include. Oh... good grief.
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leogcam on July 23, 2016
Make a comparison between this and the UMX Radian
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krm97 on August 22, 2017
The UMX Radian is superior in flight characteristics, especially in the wind with AS3X auto stabilization. It makes the small glider very stable and easy to fly on windy days. The calipso micro also does not seem to thermal as well as the Radian UMX due to stability issues in the thermal. I would say that the Calipso micro with a similar system to the Spektrum AS3X would be as easy and fun to fly as the Radian UMX. Until this happens, buy the Radian UMX.
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Micro Calypso FPV