FPV Wing in the Woods

by FliteTest | April 27, 2016 | (5) Posted in Projects

We had beautiful flying weather at the shop, so we took our FPV FT Mighty Mini Arrow out for a flight through the woods near Flite Test HQ.

At first we had some issues with the FPV signal, but eventually Josh got airborne. And then proceeded to crash into a few trees. :)

Josh made some repairs and replaced the smashed-up electronics and glued a paint stick to the bottom of the wrinkled nose to help protect the camera.

The next runs started successfully, but still ended in crashes.

We came back the next day to try our luck flying a FPV FT Mini Sportster with elevator, rudder and ailerons.

If you fly FPV with a wing through cool obstacles, record it and share it with us!




Air-headed Aviator on April 27, 2016
Flite Test you guys are the best at bringing fun entertainment, scratch built innovation and hobby community to the people, keep doing what your doing.
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RcDad on April 27, 2016
Josh, you asked for links to some good FPV videos of guys flying wings through trees, that's all we do! On my channel, my friends and I specialize in fpv airplane proximity flying through trees. Subscribe to my channel, this summer we have some crazy stuff planned with massive planes. Expect to see an FT Explorer and FT Arrow pretty soon, in hopefully a 3 plane formation through trees. Here is just a few of our videos! Again please subscribe. Got a crazy video coming out tonight!

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WHERESMYNAMEGO on April 27, 2016
Couple of mine that I posted in the forum . Lovin the trees !
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Tri blades on April 27, 2016
I have experience flying in to trees. :)
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kulens on April 29, 2016
Just a small comment, it wasn't a falcon you've spotted, but a redtail hawk.
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Chris Bermuda on May 2, 2016
Have you ever tried to use head tracking goggles to control the elevator and rudder/aileron, instead of the camera gimble?
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PostStallFPV on May 14, 2016
Alex and Josh- totally what my buddy and I are up to here in Missouri!
Here's a couple videos:

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FPV Wing in the Woods