Super Honey Badger

by FliteTest | September 14, 2015 | (14 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

Arron Bates' Full Article on the Super Honey Badger:
Builing a Fixed Wing w/ Tail Rotor

Using hot glue and Sugru, Arron attached these custom buttons to his controller.



tclemmo on September 15, 2015
That episode was incredible. I have nothing more to say.
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CJGFX on September 15, 2015
Guys truely an amazing episode. Hats off to Eric and Alex for there filming. Eric provide some stunning shots with the autumn colors in the back ground and Alex with his flips over a moving plane... Well done again and keep up the good work....
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on September 14, 2015
Very nice! I would love to see something that has this mechanism on the elevator! Maybe a topic for a future FT episode...
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AudioKev on September 15, 2015
By far, one of the best shows and articles of 2015. Always a great treat to have Arron flying. Thanks. God bless.
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lark95 on September 15, 2015
Best show in a long time. keep it up.
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Mostly Harmless on September 15, 2015
Amazing aircraft design, build, and flying skills!

And your production quality continues to get better with every episode. Fantastic in-flight videos -- I enjoyed seeing the work that went into setting up the different shots.
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pity_the_fool on September 15, 2015
Best episode this year! Who doesn't love a full 30 minutes of Flite Test! Honestly while I was watching this episode I was thinking that 99% of the shows that are on Discovery Channel aren't this good. I can see syndicated Flite Test in the future! Awesome work guys. I can't wait for Wednesdays new 30 min. episode. ;)
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kannnixsg on September 15, 2015
GREAT episode indeed guys! I loved the BtS like inside look and how you communicate for getting the shots, please go on not cutting all of that out in future episodes. Keep those longer ones coming every once in a while, like them very much.
For those who have not seen them yet, watch the old episodes of Aaron touching those pine trees on the gremlin channel ;-) and
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johnnyjiujitsu on September 15, 2015
You guys read my mind. I've been meaning to request another Aaron bates episode. That guy is in a league of his own. Good job guys. By the way, That inspire footage is crisp! Good job on the drone footage guys. Chase cam and cinematic combo was perfect.
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TuDawgs on September 15, 2015
Simply AMAZING!!! Great coms and coverage with the drones...
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apnewton on September 16, 2015
Best episode ever. Great to see the filming process and Aaron's insane skills, and he's an Aussie too.
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HilldaFlyer on September 20, 2015
One of the best DIY planes yet! I am really attracted to the buttons on the back of the transmitter. Makes sense to put the switches where your fingers go rather than odd places you can't reach without taking your thumbs off the sticks.
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Hell2Go on September 23, 2015
This was one of my favorite episodes as I'm getting into getting my own aerial footage and want to learn all the tricks to getting good shots. the behind the scenes footage is very entertaining and informative. This should be a new benchmark for what an episode should be. The second part of all episodes should have the extended behind the scenes footage so its there for those who want to see it. Excellent work guys! And great plane Aaron, your an inspiration to us all! Thankyou.
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letsgofast11 on May 24, 2016
where did he get the spade shaped US air force symbols?
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AcBates on August 19, 2016
it's a logo that I designed for "AcesHigh", a brand of warbirds that I manage for ExtremeFlight...

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