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by FliteTest | May 8, 2015 | (10) Posted in Tips

On our way down to SEFF 2015 we stopped in Peter's hometown of Dayton, OH.
(We didn't actually make it to SEFF because Josh got sick.) 

Peter was extremely excited to show us around the hobby shop where he use to work before joining the Flite Test team!

Full of R/C airplanes, parts, and accessories... this is Radical RC

We encourage you to stop by if you're in the Dayton, OH area and if you're planning to attend Joe Nall 2015, they'll be there!! If you see them, stop by and let them know that you heard about them on Flite Test! 

They have just about everything you can imagine, from radical wire to custom balsa planes.

Local R/C hobby shops are a rare thing these days, so if you find one near you or one that you'd like to stay in business, do what you can to help support it! Support with purchasing products in person or online.

Local shops might not offer the cheapest prices (compared to online shops and big box stores), but the benefit of having a physical shop with knowledgable people to talk with and learn from is worth investing in! 

Let us know if you have a local hobby shop in your area, we'd love to hear about it!

We want to thank Radical RC for letting us visit and take a tour! 
If you are interested in custom designed balsa kits and other radical products they are available at

Radical RC will be at Joe Nall 2015!! If you see them, stop by and let them know that you heard about them on Flite Test! 


willrocks on May 11, 2015
nice to see your old hobby shop peter cant wait to see you guys at joe nall
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Merrixs on May 11, 2015
I know of one hobby shop like this. Sadly I moved away, but whenever I am in the area I stop in to G&G Hobbies in Griffith, IN. They may not have the best prices or the most inventory, but the friendly relationships are well worth the effort.
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markkort on May 11, 2015
I don't have a local hobby shop, but I do spend three months in Lake Havesu City, AZ. That city has Sky Shark Hobby. They have everything I need.
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Yogenh on May 12, 2015
I do all I can to support my local hobby shop. Mine is also a pet shop It is call Pet World him and his wife have a very nice shop and will help out a lot. It is in Chesterfield Virginia. The local shops on the most part can be a lot of help and a good place to start.
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Phoenix1962 on May 15, 2015
This is a great article! Sad to see my old stomping grounds go. 68 years in business in the Yakima Valley and now The clover Leaf is gone. Don't let this happen to your local hobby shop!
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BirdMan9876 on May 16, 2015
Hello Flite test, Iv'e looked on the Radical RC website, and to my disappointment it seems to be that you cannot order these small balsa kits online. Is this just a miscommunication, or do I have to drive to their shop to get it? Because if I can order one of these kits, That would be amazing!

-Thank you!
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Gryf on May 22, 2015
This was a very good episode, as it points to an issue that many of us can address. Stories are plentiful of Wal-Mart, etc. contributing to the death of downtown businesses throughout the USA. It really hadn't occurred to me that online hobby suppliers would impact our local hobby shops in the same way. We have an excellent shop here in my home town (Mark Twain Hobby, here's to you!), and I stop in periodically for odds and ends such as propellers, Tactic receivers, and other bits. Now that I've seen this episode, I hope to patronize them more often - although buying LiPos from them is pretty costly. Thanks, guys!
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Tom Kelley on May 22, 2015
Please tell me that you stopped by the National museum of the us air force) across the street (AKA the greatest aircraft museum on the planet). That might be a show by itself!
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Chick on May 25, 2015
Our local hobby shop in Hendersonville, NC is for sale. The owners are 68 years old and would like to retire. Here is there website:
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Support Your Local Hobby Shop