Swappable Delta Fighter

by TrooperCooper | July 29, 2016 | (0) Posted in Projects

I decided to make a cheap, high speed, and most importantly Swappable tractor wing.  I love the swappables because I do not have the budget to go out and buy a 90 dollar motor, ESC, and reciever every time I want to make an rc airplane.  

This build will only take 1 piece of dollar tree foamboard, and you will need a few scrap foam pieces, because this simple build will leave NO waste.  It is also very simple-- if you can make a paper airplane, you can build this rc airplane.



Step 1. 

Begin by measuring 2 inches in the very middle of the top part of the foamboard, as this is where your power pod will go.

Step 2. 

Measure 2 inches on the corrosponding side at the bottom corner- this will be your fin-tip.  Then, with a long straightedge, draw a line from point A (step 1) to point B (2).  After this, score the line


Step 3. 

Repeat Steps 1&2 on opposite side of aircraft.


Step 4. 

Hot glue the foam spar 1 inch from the leading edge (score line), and MAKE SURE THAT IT IS PARALELL!!!


Step 5. 

Run the back end of a sharpie marker along the score cut, allowing free movement of the score mark towards

the trailing edge

Step 6. 

Apply Hot Glue to the leading edge, top of the spar, and on the trailing edge of the AIRFOIL- not the elevons THE AIRFOIL, and hold down for 2 minutes to ensure streingth. 


Step 7. 

Repeat steps 4-6 on opposite side of aircraft.


Step 8. 

Cut and remove ONE layer of foam on the fins (3 inches from wingtips.) Both Sides


Step 9.

Score and crease line at the end of airfoil, and fold up vertical stabalizers, and glue at 90 degrees


Step 10

On bottom of aircraft, score and bevel the elevons, and in the middle, cut away a 1-2 inch gap to prevent binding (I would do 2 because that just looks better- I think.) 

Step 11. 

Install swappable power pod- this is the same process as all of the other simple swappables (Delta, Flyer, and Nutball)

Step 12.

Install servos- shown in picture above the position, and servo horns (I just used Gift Cards (thanks ExAir!) and also run the servo leads through a hole next to the servos, so they can plug into the reciever (again it just looks better, and is more aerodynamic.)

Step 13. 

Hook up all leads to reciever, and attach the power pod.


PLANS (this is my first time drawing "plans" so sorry!)



*I have not flown this, as I am waiting on a Turnigy 800mAh 3S 30C, but feel free to tell me how it works out for you!!!


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Swappable Delta Fighter