Swappable FW-190 Revamped

by Phoenix1962 | May 3, 2014 | (24) Posted in Projects

The FW-190 Revamped

After returning from my vacation to visit my new grand daughters I found that I was not happy with the 190, so I set out to revamp the design and ended up starting over from scratch almost. It was evident that the fuselage was to week in the wing saddle area, and I had to come up with a solution to this problem In order to allow for the more rounded fuselage. 1" pink foamular by Owens Corning was the answer. I also added gun blisters using the same material, and beefed up the landing gear using the swappable design by Flying Penguin RC, and added more strength to the wings by adding an additional dihedral brace. Modifications were also added to the design of the cockpit area. I've created a build module on my facebook Page to act as a visual aid to the instruction packet, and invite all to visit, critique, post questions, and like while you are there.

Flyin Foam RC on Facebook

 The wing support block allows the frame to be strengthened at the wing saddle without adding alot of extra weight!

Material was then removed to lighten the load in the tail section.

Gun blisters were then added for extra detail using the foamular.

Longetudinal stringers were also added to help support the posterboard skin, and the cockpit area was made more to the form of the real aircraft.

It finally became the airframe I was hoping for!

Once the clear canopy and the Decals are applied it just looks awesome!

On the landing gear I used the swappable design by Flying penguin RC modified for use on the Wolf. I used 1/4" X 1/2" dowels instead of 1/4" X 1/4" and added coffee straw sleves to the struts to attach the Fairings to. I recomend using 1/8" piano wire for the struts, however I chose to use a coat hanger bcauseit's easier to cut and bend.

And I used Du Bro 2.5" micro sport wheels. Just had to tap the holes out to fit the wire.

The spar is the standard fold and glue foam spar with the adition of a dihedral brace that locks into the two inner slots in the lower wing surface.

The wing construction is a little bit diferent as both spars are glued to the first wing half befor it is folded.

Dihedral is maintained by a didral support brace (supplied with the plans) that fits into a slot cut in the tip of the lower surface under the servo.

The second wing half is then built onto the spar and but glued to the first wing half.

I chose to add Extreme packaging tape to the center even with the dihedral brace added. the lower surface of the wing is exposed on the finished model and this cannot be covered up, so you may wish to omit this.

Alignment blocks are then added for alignment with the fuselage.

The swappable landing gear fits quite snugly and stays in place very well.

But I still added a single nylon strap for that added feeling of security.

The wings are then panted and ready to mount to the fuselage.

Details can be added like the machine guns I added. BBQ scures drilled out at the end, and painted.

 The transparent canopy provides the option for a highly detailed cockpit like a scale pilot bust.

As you can see here I had a little dificulty gluing on the canopy, and didn't match the color very well. both color and B&W versions are supplied with the plans so if you have Photoshop or a photo editing program. You can always import the B&W version and match your own color.

I've tried to keep my designs as simple as possable for the builder, but I couldn't resist with this one. It has good potential for a scale looking Dollar Tree Foam aircraft. One that you will be proud to show of at the flying field. Plans are now available at Beyond the Wheel RC, and a full build module can be viewd at my facebook page. Suggestions are welcom for future designs so feel free to let me know what you'd like to see.

This video was posted by Randy Floyd of his version of the FW-190 just recently. He has given permission so I thought I'd post it to this artical for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Visit my website and get yours today: Flyin Foam RC 

 Go here for the Build Module: FW-190 Build module


Blackbeltrrf on July 23, 2014
Sounds Fantastic! If I may ask what motors, ESC and props are you putting in it? I might be getting them on order eagerly waiting to build

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Phoenix1962 on July 23, 2014
I'm glad you asked that! Since this is my first experience with a twin, being on a shoestring budget, and trying to make this project somewhat compatible with FT. I've designed the "Duck" around the FT Cruiser parameters. LazerToys has put together an electronic package just for the FT Cruiser that is perfect for the "Duck." Like I said being on a tight budget I will be using m 1200 Kv motors I already have and I had a Detrum 30 Amp ESC so I just purchased a second one. FT has a great article on setting it up and that's what I used for mine. Only had to change the length of the Battery Y connector to 26" . That's 52" total span. allows the leads to exit the aft end of the engine nacelles for connection purposes. I spoke to Ben at the Clover leaf hobby store here in Union Gap, and he says it should have great climb rate. He has also been a great help with supplies and Technical advice.
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808aerosquadron on June 11, 2014
Really well done.
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Phoenix1962 on June 12, 2014
Thank you so much. My building skills are improving, and still working on my flying skills! :-)
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HilldaFlyer on June 10, 2014
That is really awesome.
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Phoenix1962 on June 12, 2014
Thank you! I'm looking forward to posting my next design. The B-25 " Ruptured Duck" from the Doolittle raid. Drop by my FB page Beyond the Wheel RC and check out the build module!
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LordVader on June 9, 2014
Nice, haven't built the 1st version yet, can't wait to do this version too. Keep up the good work. I love these scale looking warbirds, they are awesome!
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Phoenix1962 on June 9, 2014
Oh you have the most current version. This article was submitted about 5 weeks ago.They must be swamped with articles to proof read. :-)
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skyliner on June 9, 2014
This plane looks amazing! Is it your personal design? Can I find plans somewhere? Really good details and nice coloring. Keep up the good work.
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Phoenix1962 on June 9, 2014
Thank you! Absolutely! All my designs are available on my website. beyondthewheelrc.com. I'm sorry but I must charge a small fee. $2 for each design only to cover my expenses. I would love to offer them all for free, but I'm on a fixed income. Each design comes in Tiled and full size PDF format, and they all come with a complete instruction packet and printable decals. I also have a facebook page under the same name where I post my construcion modules for visual aid. Feel free to drop by. I've already started the module on my next design "The Ruptured Duck" Swappable B-25 from the Doolittle raid.
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Yogenh on June 10, 2014
now that is one that I would love to have. Can't wait for the plans for it. You do great work.
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Phoenix1962 on June 10, 2014
Thank you, and you are in luck! All my plans are available at beyondthewheelrc.com. they are available in tiled PDF format, and full size PDF format, and come with a detailed instruction packet and a full set of decals you can print on your printer at home. Build modules are also posted on my facebook page under the same name. Check it out!
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Yogenh on June 11, 2014
I would love the B 25 that you are working on. I have to work it out with paypal so that I can get them
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Phoenix1962 on June 11, 2014
If there is a problem with Paypal I'm sure we can work something out. Like maybe a free download for a review on Flitetest. Think about it, and keep in touch.
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skyliner on June 14, 2014
That is totally OK with me. When I´m ready (I´m currently flying the FT Flyer, have not quiet the skill) I´ll look into that.
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Blackbeltrrf on July 22, 2014
Hey Tim my video looks great up there :) I just wanted to say again that I absolutely love your designs and can't wait to build the Duck!! Keep up the good work!
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Phoenix1962 on July 22, 2014
Thank you, and thank you for letting me post it. Believe me, as soon as the duck is ready you're getting the first copy. Great work!
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Swappable FW-190 Revamped