T-pins used for scratch building

by cade861 | April 17, 2013 | (4) Posted in Tips

Quick tip I used T-pins to do my cutting for my scratch building I used them to hold the pattern to the foam board while I cut the design. I hated using tape then having to pull the tape up and sometimes it would peel the paper. This is a quick alternative to using the tape.

Had these laying around thought I would try it.

This was used on the baby blender V2. Most of the pins I used around the border but I did put some inside the pattern. when putting them in just make sure its either in a place that will be hidden or your going to cover with decals. Also when putting them in just poke through the first layer of paper then angle steeply in to not go through the other side. Also try to keep it away from where you will be cutting if it's not possible which it wasnt always I just cut up to it and stopped then once I was done I removed the pins and went back and finished the cut. Another tip when doing this put your straight edge down on the line it gives you a guide and holds the paper down and produces a nice clean cut. When putting the pins in try to make them go towards the edge so it pulls your template tight. Hope this helps.



WCPAGEL on April 19, 2013
I used pins as well.
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lFritZl on April 21, 2013
I use pins because my balsa building history/background. It works just the same with foam. and if u careful you can strategically place the pins so the holes they leave behind are in insignificant places.....but once you paint they not that noticeable in the foam anyway.
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T-pins used for scratch building