Taranis Upgrades

by LetsFlyRC | March 22, 2016 | (5) Posted in How To

The Taranis has been a great radio for me for about a year now.  I came from a Spektrum DX9, and, when I switched to the Taranis for my quads, I was after the telemetry, and affordable receivers.  I build a ludicrous amount of quadcopters for racing and acro flying, and receivers get expensive.


One of the things I noticed on the Taranis that I didn't like was the cheap feeling gimbals.  The springy-ness is terrible.  I really liked the feel of my DX9, and wanted to have that same quality feeling in my taranis.


I swapped out the gimbals for Aurora 9 Gimbals, and absolutely love them.

Here is a video on how to do it yourself, and if you check the youtube description, it has a link to buy the gimbals.


I started with some photos I found on facebook that a gentleman named Tom Chute posted.  Hopefully, he is ok with me posting his pictures here.










Well, that just wasn't enough.

I also upgraded the speaker, splash screen, the spoken voice, and added music.

here is a link to a video I did explaining how to upgrade the speaker:


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next up - laforge fatshark mod....


Willsonman on March 22, 2016
Awesome! I am currently working on swapping out my gimbals for JR gimbals. I'm really not happy with what comes with the Taranis and really wish there were more options in this area.
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flyjacRC on March 22, 2016
thank you for sharing Shawn! This is awesome, so doing this!
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on March 26, 2016
Great work!
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Taranis Upgrades