The Gaunlet #2

by StoneBlueAirlines | July 17, 2014 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

I got the guys back out for round #2 at the gauntlet. It was a blast and took out one of our planes but not before we had flown the whole thing.

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Sony CMQ1993X Day
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Mobius HD Cam
GoPro3 Black Rage Cam Addition

Specter EPP
Raven EPP
Spartan 48 EPP Wing
Sweep Wings Juggernaut 48"
Chimera 54" EPP Wing
Mini EPP Wing
Flight Test Nut Ball
Talon UAV

DJI F450 KK2.0 V1.6
Titan Tri KK2.0 v1.6
QAV 250 CC3D

Radio: Futaba T7Cap 72mhz
Turnigy 9XR
Receiver: Coronal RP6D1 / RP8D1 72mhz
OpenLRS 433
Scherrer UHF

Ground Station:
Helical & Cross Hair Antenna
Blue Beam Set
1.3 Ghz Tx & Rx

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Vuzix Wrap 920 Goggles
Vuzix Wrap 1200

Hobby Wireless VR1500

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kah00na on July 17, 2014
"At 1:48, you almost hit those kids", said no one reading this article.
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StoneBlueAirlines on July 17, 2014
There my kids and my friends kids that also flies fpv. I knew where they would be but they were to be sitting as i passed by :) Love kids and more so my own.
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kah00na on July 17, 2014
I hoped you picked up on the sarcasm. :) I have been in similar scenarios where people who are 30-40 yards away have that look of fear like I'm about to hit them... as if I had no control of this $350 piece of hardware flying around in the air.

I really enjoyed your video.
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StoneBlueAirlines on July 18, 2014
Oh ya all good :) It was a fun day.
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The Gaunlet #2