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Build Video


To the Flite Test Community,

A new team and program that will eventually be sharing more designs like this one in the future. Karsen and team was charged in creating a DIY build that represents the program and sets the standard for future aircraft.  We are proud to announce the IC-35 Lightning!  It took the team all of last semester to research and design a style that was different then most aircraft.  The easiest reference was MESArc, but we did that and that will always be theirs, as a past instructor of MESArc I told them you need to come up with something that is yours, and different, even if it means that the build is a little more complicated, and you know what, it should be.  These are high schoolers about ready to venture into college, they should be creating something that is going to push the envelope in creativity and ingenuity.

Sure there will be some issues, its a first design, that is to be expected, and this is where our awesome community comes into play.  The Flite Test community helped shaped MESArc students and their designs, and we are hoping the same for the IC students.  We are so excited to see these designs evolve and push not only us but the community in DIY aircraft design.

I have made my fair share of videos with students, and whenever we have some new design come out that usually means a new cool montage.  I grew up watching Top Gun, and so, once again, it was time to pull some scenes to reenact for you.  We hope you enjoy the beginning of our video, we hope you download and build our plane, and we hope in the future that a build kit will be available soon for purchase and support of the program financially.  As always, thank you for watching and supporting the student programs!

At our new flying location the planes looks so awesome with the city and mountain backdrop!

Eduardo played the character Goose

Karsen was the designer and player the character of Mavric

Marshall being Marshall

Nieko is another teacher we dragged into this, he loved it!

The filming team involved in the making of the short film including Reagan behind the camera.


konstantkrash on December 26, 2018
Nice job on the plane AND the super cool video. Looking forward to all you guys bring the the local community.

local pilot
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w1lp33 on December 22, 2018
Been waiting for these since the last article, thanks!
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IC Aeronautics on January 21, 2019
Build video is now live, see article or channel! Thanks for the support!
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NYCBobby on December 25, 2018
Love you all at Mesa RC, you guys and gals are amazing. Keep flying, keep designing, keep building. Our future is in good hands with you all.
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