Transfer templates with removable sticker paper

by Astrojack98 | October 22, 2016 | (0) Posted in How To

I just finished my first scratch build (Mighty Mini Corsair) when I happened to come across Avery sticker project paper. 

The material is advertised as being repositionable / removable, which made me think it might work well for transferring templates to foam board.  I hoped that it would come off clean without leaving a residue, and that the sticker might go back on to the backing paper so I could use it again later.  

I needed to make a new cowling for my corsair. After printing on the sticker paper I cut out the cowling with about 1/8" margin and applied it to the foam board. 

The sticker stayed put during cutting and came off easily when I was done. The cowling is an easy part to cut so the sticker was only on the foam board for a few minutes.  

It was a little tricky to return the sticker to the backing paper and I'm not sure it will stay on, so I may have to print another sticker the next time I need a cowling.

Overall the sticker paper worked well and was a lot easier than using tape and plain paper. It's also probably more accurate, since I don't think the stickers will shift during cutting.  

I paid $6.89 for a pack of 15 sheets on Amazon (it's Prime eligible).

11/5/16 Update:  The cowling is a very simple part.  I'm building a Mighty Mini Arrow now and I just used the sticker paper to build a wing spar. 

The wing spars are long pieces that span two pages.  I trimmed the overlap from one piece only, and put the piece I did NOT trim on the foam board first. 

Lining up the second piece was easy and the stickers did not shift during cutting.

To keep the sticker intact (in case I ever need to build this piece again) I only cut small sections of the fold lines, and finished the cuts after I removed the sticker.  The sticker came off clean, and I put it on a piece of wax paper when I was done.  Don't forget to pencil on the part name and fold type.



Plane Stupid RC on November 5, 2016
Nice one :)
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Goose on November 3, 2016
Yep, another good idea for cutting out plans, thanks for shareing and something else to think about.
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flying-coqui on November 3, 2016
Exelent idea!!!
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Astrojack98 on November 5, 2016
Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm going to update article showing a more complex piece.
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OpenAir on August 24, 2017
FYI If you buy the Dollar General brand of double sided tape that comes on a roll like regular scotch tape it works REALLY WELL when used with regular paper cutouts! It's gotta be the worst double sided tape ever made but because of that it is PERFECT for use in between a printed paper template and the paper on foam board...also resupply is at the same place you already shop! can be reused over and over until it fills up with dust and junk and no longer sticks as it did when fresh off the roll. All you need is little "thumb nail and a half" sized pieces around the perimeter of your template and you're good to go! Hope that helps some of y'all. Stay Safe and Happy Building!
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Transfer templates with removable sticker paper