Turnigy 9X + DragonLink Hookup

by ExAir | January 27, 2013 | (18 Ratings) Posted in Tips

This video details how to hook up the DragonLink long range UHF RF control module to the Turnigy 9X transmitter.  It's really so easy it almost doesn't need instructions but this may give you some ideas.  I chose to abandon the 2.4GHz capability of this radio, cut off the antenna, and committed to a clean, smooth, semi-permanent attachment of the DragonLink to the 9X as my primary FPV radio.  The trick is to use a short male-male servo wire to make the connection, or use a modular plug to orient the power/ground/signal wires in the proper sequence.  Let me know if you have any questions.

The 9X is a great value and good for hacking and modifications like this.  The DragonLink gives 5+ miles of reliable control.  DragonLink does offer free receivers for referrals so consider giving me or another DragonLink owner a heads-up before ordering a system.



Turnigy 9X: 



lonewolf7717 on January 27, 2013
Excellent walkthru Ed. You have been flying Dragonlink since Burning Man last year correct? I would be interested to know how this particular 433 system has performed for you in that duration? Also perhaps a bit more in-depth explanation as your reasoning behind going with Dragonlink vs "others". I apologize if these are subjects you have already touched and or expanded on in your Youtube channel....too many rc flight channels to watch....too little time lol. Happy flying!
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Nonamerc on January 28, 2013
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Hawkskyflier on January 28, 2013
Hey Ed, nice video. I love your videos, very descriptive and helpful!!! Keep it up. I wish I would have taken more thought into my new radio, I went from a Spektrum DX6i to the DX8, I love the radio, but I'm finding out that FPV wont work too good... oh well, just think of the money I'll save... HAHA!!! Thanks for the video! jc
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panther3001 on February 2, 2013
very well done!
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EvanVH on January 5, 2014
Hey Trent
Nice job. I am amazed with how little the compass is effected with your FC board mounted so close to the motor. I own a flsky 9x so I am pleased with the range. Next time try the directional antenna. Awesome video
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AbsoluteAltitudes on April 23, 2014
I have looked over several tutorials about hooking up a dragon link to the 9x. I came across your video first, but other videos are saying not to use the second pin down from the top. They use: signal, not used, power, ground. Does it make a difference in what ground you use? I just want to make sure i do not wreck my equipment. Both methods appear to work from all the videos and threads out there, it would just be convenient to have one servo plug instead of splitting the wires up. I have just found more videos and threads not using that second pin down as a ground.
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ExAir on April 23, 2014
I used the second pin for exactly the reason you stated - easier to use a servo lead to cover all three pins. I also saw the other tutorials using the fourth pin for ground. I continuity-checked pin 2 to pin 4 and they were common so I used #2 as my ground. But do double-check that with your radio before you proceed just to be sure.
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