V-tail Quad

by TheBeroys | April 25, 2013 | (9) Posted in Projects

After building a few H-quad, I was in the mood for trying something new. And again the hardware (Not electronics) is from the local hardware shop. This time the main material is PVC pipe 32mm. Under you can see some pictures off the V-tail Quad.
It flies really nice and stable, and has a faster yaw movement then the H-Quad. Due to the angle off the tail motors.

Here you can see the front motor mount. Just zip tied to the PVC T-pipe that also works as a landing gear.

The rear motor mount is the PVC pipe cut at an angle at 25 degrees.

The KK2.0 controller and receiver are inside the electrical box. And the batteries go directly under, two 3 cell 2200 mAh on each side. 

The ESC are inside the pipes, and the cables goes in under the electrical box.

In front there i room for HD camera and FPV camera.

Since the pipe parts fit together nice and tight. They are just secured together with a screw.

Because off the V-Tail it is easy to see the orientation when flying in line of sight.
The weight is 1030 gram without battery and camera.
The dimensions are:
Front motor to front motor: 590mm
Between the rear motors: 300mm
From front boom to tail boom:600mm

Hope you enjoy

29-04-2013, Added a short flight video.


TheRCNewbie on April 26, 2013
Great idea with the PVC pipe, and it's a real looker too…

Any FPV or video?
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TheBeroys on April 27, 2013
Thank you. I will try to upload some flight video at the end of this weekend.
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TheRCNewbie on April 27, 2013
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TheBeroys on April 28, 2013
Uploaded a short video on YouTube. The original move is smother because of higher frame rate. Windows movie maker reduced it to 30 Fps the original movie is 50 Fps.
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ethanw on April 26, 2013
nice i now i want one!
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TheBeroys on April 27, 2013
Thank you. It is a easy build, and with parts that are easy to find all over the world I think.
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FlyingSloth on April 27, 2013
Very interesting concept! Just curious how the controller is programmed to take advantage of the v-tail arrangement?
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TheBeroys on April 27, 2013
In the kk.2.0 control board from HK, and if you re-flash with the latest firmware 1.5. There is an option there for V-Tail. Or you can also use the y4 configuration, if your control board don't have V-tail. This also works.
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RobMackenzie on April 28, 2013
I like the V-tail... it seems a natural way to get smoother yaw. Do you see any reason it wouldn't work on the earlier Flitetest H-Quad frame as well?
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TheBeroys on April 28, 2013
Also faster Yaw, because of the angle. I should work on H-Quad frame, but I think the CG should be a little different due to less lift on the tail, than the original H-Quad.
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goeland86 on May 15, 2013
Hi, great to see an original quad setup! Question though, can you let me know what motors/propellers you're using? I have a 1.3kg H quad that is so underpowered it can't take off (920kv with 3S and 8x4.5 props)
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TheBeroys on May 16, 2013
Hi, I'm using the DT750 750kv motors from HobbyKing. And 10x4,5 propeller on 3cell. Are you sure that all the motors/props are turning the right way on your H-Quad?
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BaBaBBa on August 22, 2013
@goeland86: use at least 10x4.5 props with those motors :D
@TheBeroys: did you try the 11x4.7 ones?
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TheBeroys on August 23, 2013
Newer used the 11x4,7 prop, only 10x4,5. I'm satisfied with the 10x4,5.

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Thovthe on July 23, 2013
Very cool. I'm just getting into the hobby and I wanted to start off with your design because it looks fairly simple to construct and repair. Would it be possible for you to give me a break down list of the parts you used both electrical and structural? I would really appreciate it, thanks in advance.
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TheBeroys on July 24, 2013
Hi, Thank you. Yes it is pretty easy to build. And all the frame parts I found locally
The Frame:
32mm PVC pipe.
4 pc PVC T-connection, 2 is the front motor mount. And 2 for connecting the frame together.
2 pc. off wall mounting bracket for PVC pipes. Under the grey box where the control board is mounted.
1 pc off electrical box 80x80mm for flight control board and receiver.
Some screws in the T-connection to secure them in place.
Zip ties for connecting motors.
The distance between the rear and front motors 600mm.
The distance between front motors 600mm
The distance between the rear motors 280mm
The angle on the rear motors is 25 degree, but I would increase that to get a faster yaw movement.
The electrical parts.
Receiver, any kind you use, min 4 channel.
KK 2.0 control board from Hobbyking, firmware 1.5 or higher this has a setup for V-tail.
Motors. DT750 750 Kv from Hobbyking
ESC. 30 amp plush from Hobbyking
Propeller 10x4,5 from Hobbyking to rotating CW and to CCW.
Extra motor wires because off the distance between the motors.
Extra servo wires because off the distance from the ESC to the control board.
3 or 4 cell batteries 2200 mah to 2500 mah.
Velcro for mounting the batteries to the frame.

Hope this helps.

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wazari972 on October 13, 2013
thanks for all these details, I'm trying to build my first quadcopter based on your design ;)
One question though: you say you use 2x 3 (or 4) cell Lipo batteries, so that's 11.v (or 14.8), but your DSM2 radio receiver appears to support only input voltage of 3.7~9.6V. How did you plug your Rx? (I've seen that maybe the ESC delivers 5v output, but the DT750 motors require 11.1v)

Thanks again, Kevin
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TheBeroys on October 13, 2013
Hi, as you say the servo connector type on the ESC delivers 5V. This power the flight controller and the receiver. You just connect the receiver to the flight controller and get the 5v power from there. If you see the connection diagram that follows your flight controller you will see how easy it is to connect the receiver. The tre power leads gives the motor the same voltage as your battery. The DT750 runs fine on 3 cell and 4 cell. Hope this helps
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timindaburgh on June 3, 2015
TheBeroys: I know it's been awhile since anyone has revisited your post. Is this V-tail quad still in the air? It is clear that you have a great build from the pics you provided.

How did it perform in the long term? Was the 30 deg angle a winner or would you have given the back end a different angle for any reason. I had just build one for myself and am ready to mount my FC. I was planning to use an APM 2.6, but I may go with the KK2 since the frame type is already in the KK2's FW. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Be well.
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TheBeroys on June 5, 2015
This is V-tail is no longer in the air. Due to crash with a tree :-). It worked nice the when still alive. I think the 30 degree angle worked fine, maybe I would try 25 degree, just to see what that would do to the performance.

The kk2 works fine, but you have to do some tuning to the PI settings , that would depend on your setup (Motor, propeller, weight, ESC).
If I should build a new one I would try to use the Naze32 (I think this also has v-tail setup). I am very happy withe naze32 on my mini quads.


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V-tail Quad