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by VoroRC | January 30, 2013 | (16) Posted in Tips

This video is just one of many tutorial videos, this one is on "Rolling Harrier"



This is a newer YouTube channel that will be dedicated to anything RC, mainly Airplane reviews and tutorial videos. As of now only a few tutorial videos have been made.

"How to fly 4 channel RC airplane "

"RC Airplane Basic Aerobatics tutorial "

"Voro's 3d School: Knife Edge Tutorial"

"RC Landing with One Wing Tutorial"

"Voro's 3d School: Flap spin Tutorial "

"Voro's 3d School: Rolling Harrier Tutorial "

"Voro's 3d School: Blender Tutorial"

"Voro's 3d School: Knife Edge Spin Tutorial"

But, there are loads to come!

So check out the channel it self http://www.youtube.com/user/VoroRC .

Any questions on these tutorials feel free to message or comment on that video, I'm always open to any feed back. If you're looking to learn a new move and want a video on how to do it, please message me I'll bump that to the top of the build list and make it for you guys.

Till then, have fun flyin.


Adib Vahedi on January 31, 2013
Nice video that will help me withy flight simulator!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!! :)
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VoroRC on January 31, 2013
Thank you sir, I plan to keep making more and more. Stay tuned!
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panther3001 on January 31, 2013
Hey I just watched your 1-wing landing. Very cool! So you're saying you have actually done this with a *real* RC airplane?
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VoroRC on January 31, 2013
Yes sir I did. I was flying my friends 30cc freestyle Extra 260, came down and did an aggressive snap-roll and snapped the left wing straight off, luckily I was able to catch the plane in knife-edge and was fortunate enough to get it down in one piece.
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panther3001 on February 1, 2013
wow, very incredible. Not on film eh? :) And did you manage to land on the wheels? or just kind of drag it in on the side?
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VoroRC on February 1, 2013
She landed on her wheels, little bouncy but she was up right.
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ronht on March 8, 2013
What flight simulator are you using?
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VoroRC on March 12, 2013
This is phoenix version 4 simulator.

Thanks for the comment :)
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Mik3 on April 18, 2014
Nice tutorials Voro! I subscribed to your channel. Keep posting and I will keep learning.
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Gideon O on January 14, 2016
How does the Phoenix sim compare to RealFlight?

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Voro's RC School