What are "Limited Series" planes?

by FliteTest | September 29, 2021 | (5) Posted in News

What are the “Limited Series” airplanes that people are talking about? How are they different from other FT airplane series? Why should I add one of these planes to my hanger? These are great questions we’ve been asked about the FT Limited Series line. In this article, we will explore key elements about the Limited Series so you can make better decisions on your next build choice.

Let’s start with the basics, what exactly is a Limited Series plane? A Limited Series (LS) plane has been designed with an advanced builder in mind. One whose skills go beyond the Master Series (MS) aircraft. The LS provides a builder with the opportunity to showcase skills and techniques that have been honed throughout their hobby career. It also expands the builder’s own skill level as the LS build experience may involve technical troubleshooting. As the builder overcomes challenges during the build, they develop new skills and techniques that can be used in the future.

An important point to note about these planes is that there are no build videos developed for Limited Series aircraft. The absence of a build video communicates the necessity of the builder to be more advanced in their skills and approach to the hobby. Although not providing build videos may limit those who are able to participate in an LS build, the challenge is an inherent part of the LS build experience. This also allows for opportunities for the builder to interact with the FT community, and/or mentor others that may have chosen a similar build. If a builder must rely on build videos then a Limited Series build is probably not the best choice for them at this point in their experience. The absence of build videos is also beneficial for the entire FT community; in that, it frees up design and development bandwidth allowing the FT team to spend more time on bringing you more great content and aircraft.

Another element of the Limited Series is its “limited” nature. The LS consumes a large amount of time and space within the Flite Test (FT) ecosystem which must be taken into consideration. With that said, a LS aircraft may only be offered for a limited period of time.

So what are the takeaways from this brief look at the Limited Series? 

  1. Advanced build knowledge and skills are required

  2. No build video is offered

  3. The future availability of a LS aircraft is not guaranteed

The hope of this article is to provide a little better understanding of what the Limited Series is, and what it is not. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what FT has to offer! 


thenated0g on September 30, 2021
thanks for this article. i had noticed that these new planes didnt have any build videos or even release videos and didnt purchase them because of that. now it makes sense. sounds fun actually to have to figure it out.
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Don Murray on October 3, 2021
This is welcome to those of us that, before Flite Test, were scratch builders of scale planes not offered in kit or plan form. Looking forward to them.
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What are "Limited Series" planes?