Wing Wing Z-84 Review

by Remzak | October 12, 2015 | (0) Posted in Reviews


This flying wing is a molded EPO foam wing. It has a wingspan of 845mm or about 33.25 inches. It is on the smaller edge of the flying wing spektrum. I used the electronics from a Hobbyking bonsai that I destroyed in combat at Flite Fest and they were mor than adequate for power. When I recieved it the box was undamaged and ell packaged, with foam wrap and tape holding the wing securely into the box. My first impressions were positive, but at first the fit seemed poor when I dry fit the pieces. The fuselage is also much bigger than it looks in pictures. There is lots of space to put fpv gear and batteries.


The wing comes with an instruction manual that is useless to all but the newest of RC flyers. It is adequate however and the english isn't the worst I have ever seen.

The wing was very nicely packed. No chance of damage unless it is being shipped next to a few hatchets without boxes.

The wing halves had their own bags.

The winglets were packed in their own bubble wrap bag.

The stickers, spar, glue, and hrdware arrived undamaged.

A dry fit of all the parts

It has a huge fuselage bay, you could probably fit 2 2200's in there!

The hardware bag. All hardware seemed very nice and none of my connections have any slop even after a few hours in the air.They send you a ton of glue. A ton.

The box arrived faded, doesnt matter to me.

The first step of the build is to mount the motor. If you are using the recomended motor this should be easy but if you aren't like I didn't you will need to get creative. I mounted my motor to a piece of lite ply and then epoxied the light ply to the plastic motor mount. Make sure you route your ESC wires before you glue the plastic motor mount to the plane or the instalation will be ugly. For mine I just cut a channel in the foam for the 3 wires.


The power system from my bonsai. They were purchased from Hobbyking at the following links:




This power system had plenty of power for this wing. I could climb at 40% throttle and it got pretty fast at full throttle. I dont reccomend these electronics for this plane if you dont already have them, I would go with the recomended setup just for ease of instalation. But if the recomended setup is out of stock this combo works great, and I get flight times of 20-25 minutes having fun. (Full throttle passes, loops flying up high then gliding down for low passes)

If you look closely you can see the channel I cut for the ESC wires. Look at how nice the EPO molding is!

This is the combleted fuselage section with my power sytem installed. Just glue the plastic motor mount in using the guide pegs for allignment and the included glue; then glue the foam motor cowling on top.

The next step of the build was to join the wing halves to the fuselage. The glue they send does work, I used it and it has held up fine, but it weakens the foam and makes it flexible. It also take a while to dry. (Mine took about 10 minutes) They send you a ton of glue so be generous in the amount of glue you use. It you have the option to use a different glue (Not hot glue) you should consider it. Just apply glue and press together or clamp together until the glue is dry. then glue the fins on in between the fuselage and the wing halves. To help hold the wing have in place you should also glue the spar to the bottom of the wing in the pre-cut slot.

The wings and fins after gluing.

The spar glued to the bottom of the wing.

The hatch on the plane. In the hardware bag there is a plastic piece that clips onto the spar. Glue this clip to the fuselage hatch.

Install the servos into the pre-cut slots. I used HXT-500's. Just drill out the arms to fit the control linkages. Then glue on the control horns, center your servos and adjust so that the surfaces are flat.

Apply the stickers if you want, I did a poor job but it gives contrast and orientation. 

For the final pre flight setup balance the plane on the two bumps in front of the spar. I used a 3S 1300 and got great flight times. If you want to do fpv you should choose a smaller battery if you want to keep the plane light.




Easy Build

Nice Linkages


Huge fuselage for it's size


Nice Molding

Great Flight envelope

Fits a 7 inch prop

Good flight times (20-25 minutes with a 3S 1300)


Clean build


Linkages are on the bottom (but are protected by fins)

Glue isn't the best

Needs to be modded unless you use one particular motor

Needs a heavy battery to balance


I really like this wing, I plan to use it for FPV in the future and I just think it flys great. It is very stable, tracks nicely, and the flight time is good. With my powersetup it can get moving pretty quickly as well. It isn't perfect but I thing it is great. If you want one please purchase it through this link so they will keep sending me cool stuff to share with you guys.




Epitaph on November 14, 2015
Great review!! I have one of these wings and it is a nice platform to build on!!
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Wing Wing Z-84 Review