Xugong2: from Winter to Spring - say NO to Snow!

by RCSchim | April 24, 2015 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

Excuse the GoT fun here ;-) but I'm really happy that we can leave the washed out colors from winter flightsessions behind us. It's great to see the landscape getting really green again.
To show the transition from Winter to Spring I have the 15 Flights with my Xugong2pro here in the right order from late february till now.

(Winter can look nice some rare moments, but mostly washed out colors) 

(as temps get nicer we start to gather around nice places to fly again!)

(it's fun to chase your flying field buddies from this top down perspective)

(security is #1 priority!)

(finally it's getting real green here again - this is the Eichberg - my second flightfield - here I enjoy solitude if I want to test new systems ;-)

Also I did NO COLORGRADING here (not increase of satuartion to make it look better). But I did, to be honest, use the Sony Stabilizer on many scenes so they look way better (without micro movements). Also had some Jello flights (which you cant get rid of with software stabilizer!) at the beginning but now the copter is all on stock settings again and that was the best tuning ;-)
Find all about the Xugong2 here: http://rcschimhangar.blogspot.co.at/2015/01/immersionrc-xugong-v2-pro.html

Watch the video now:

To make it easier for you guys to see the specs of my copters used I pimped my Hangar Blog and made a picture thumbnail index-post rather than the textbased index that most peopple missed. Check it out (link below).

Next up you will see a review again: The ImmersionRC EzAntennaTracker v2.

►EQUIPMENT: http://goo.gl/QNzck
►►find infos on all my copters here in my Hangar: http://goo.gl/l5GfrE

Filmed with Gopro Hero 3+ Black - check out http://Gopro.com !

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Kevin McLeod
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SpitfireNY on April 25, 2015
That's some cool footage, looks like fun!
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Xugong2: from Winter to Spring - say NO to Snow!