041 Who is Peter Sripol? FoamAndTape

by FliteTest | August 29, 2014 | (25) Posted in Podcasts

Find a little more about the newest member of FliteTest, Peter Sripol!

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NASA VTOL Project: Greased Lighting



Peter's monster cargo plane

Peter's foam contraption on the hunt at Flite Fest.  

Catching some "Z"s at Flite Fest ;)

Peter's cargo plane near completion.  

We just might play it on the next show! If you don't have a computer microphone, you can also download the SpeakPipe app for iPhone or iPad and leave a message that way. Remember to leave your name, where you are from and your question/discussion topic in under a minute to have the best chance of being played on the show!

Segment With Flying Monkey (Fred Provost)

Craftydan… As for interesting threads . . .

Josh's (wilsonman) build threads are hands-down great,  

Joker's Red Swan builds (but he hasn't updated recently),  

Chaos23's SR71

Forum topics:

WhatWouldJudasDo posted a video about a tool for cutting perfect A and B folds

Bigfoote sold his “Ready to go FPV kit”

jcannon is designing a swappable mooney


$5 camera pan system by val0production

How to fly your dragon by rcpsaceflight

Frequent posters in the articles section…


StoneBlueAirlines Flite Fest Road Trip

flying penguin rc:


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rifted on August 29, 2014
Nice guys! great to hear Peter on the podcast! and also great to see (Dave) you use some of the pictures I left you! :-) hope they still be useful in the near future!!
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liangliang on August 30, 2014
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RCTV-UK on August 30, 2014
OMG So I am designing a new anti vibe Mobius mount and listening to another of the brilliant Flite Test podcast and you mention my channel RCTV-UK =0
I already loved the flite test podcast but now I really really love it =D Pertfect partner for a good build session =D Thank you so much Fred Provost for the mention it means a huge amount to me.

Long live Flite Test

ATB Malc
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FlyingMonkey on August 30, 2014
Thank you for the contributions. We're hoping to get to point out more of the people who are doing positive things for the Flite Test community.
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BabyBrit_FPV on August 29, 2014
Thank you guys so much for the shout out!! Cannot wait to continue to share my plans and designs in the future and meet you all!
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shermanhartman on September 2, 2014
2 things.

You guys mentioned having signal problems when flying indoors. Im no expert with FPV gear, but i would say that it might be multipath interference since you're flying in such a tight space.

Other thing is, one of the last voicemails mentioned that crashing is okay. I am right there with that guy. I watched flite test before i got into flying, and it showed me that crashing was not only ok, but that it is part of the hobby. If i didnt crash so much, i wouldnt be nearly as into modding and changing my planes. All my planes would be boring and stock designs. Great podcast, and welcome Peter!

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SP0NZ on August 30, 2014
It is truly an honor to be mentioned like that in the podcast. With so many talented people in the Flite Test family who have made other awesome swappable designs, I'm incredibly humbled that you have chosen to bless and honor my son and I like this. My one hope is that the community loves the Bloody Baron and much as I do. We can't wait to come back out to Ohio and spend some more time hanging out, building, flying, and, most of all, making memories with the Flite Test family!
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Leslie Newhouse on August 29, 2014
Peter, you are a great addition to FT!
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liangliang on August 30, 2014
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JamesWhomsley on September 2, 2014
Thanks for playing my voicemail! Great podcast, I really enjoyed this one.
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Ano Pilot on August 30, 2014
As an 'outsider' this podcast did not, I am afraid, seem to have a lot to offer. Obviously one joins the chorus of wishing Peter all the best and it was interesting to hear a little about him, but as a whole the podcast is NOT one that I am likely to listen to again. Some podcasts are superb and I have listened to them over and over again, always seeming to learn something new. For example: 031, 030, 024!!, 017, 009... LOVE them. Just an opinion.
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Joker 53150 on August 30, 2014
They can't all be gems. This one's purpose was to introduce Peter and give FlyingMonkey an opportunity to discuss the forum. Mission accomplished. I listen to over 10 hours of podcasts per week traveling to/from work, and have yet to find any podcast I'd sit through a second time. There are always dozens more waiting on my list, so no time for duplicates. Have you listened to the Crash Cast? Over 200 episodes worth of content.
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Ano Pilot on August 31, 2014
Thanks for the advice... I've just listened to the 7th August podcast, AS3X, Sukhoi 29mm, and FAA. As a Brit I definitely prefer the predominantly Ohio accents (?) of Flite Test, but I got used to the Texan (?) thing by the end. Until the one guy started talking about AS3X, I was worrying that they were hopelessly dim because I knew more about AS3X after the first 5 minutes on the internet than they did. They definitely improved, but I didn't learn anything new, and actually these days could have explained in much more accurate detail to them what it did, how it worked, and how to learn to live with it... Chris R could have wiped the floor with them. So, I found it quite pleasant, I didn't add much to my information base, and they seemed a bit worryingly club-flying-centric. Plus, not all DJI Phantom Flyers are idiots: I've been flying one as my first FPV, and a photo platform out in the countryside since April with zero crashes, and very few witnesses. I will certainly try some more Crash Cast, thanks.
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Joker 53150 on August 31, 2014
I like their earlier episodes much more than the later ones. In the later ones there is just too much "trying to be funny" with the quips by some of the guys.
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FlyingMonkey on August 30, 2014
What is it about the podcasts that you would listen to again, that makes them different from the others that you wouldn't? What elements were in the ones you listed that make them special?
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Ano Pilot on August 31, 2014
Excellent question, made me think. Essentially it is those Podcasts that contain constructive, educational, useful information. But this does NOT just mean those like David talking about Lipos, it includes 'en-visioning' snippets like Chris R rambling on about the Sport Cub and flying the Micro Radian in his back yard: about LIVING the hobby. I am, for geographical and daily-scheduling reasons, more or less forced to go it alone so the whole Flite Test package has been INVALUABLE to me in terms of HOW to think about it, HOW to live it, product reviews (of course), and what the hobby should feel like when it is going right.
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earthsciteach on August 30, 2014
Glad to see Peter featured! He does some VERY cool stuff. Peter - I'd love to see an FT Airliner build/kit similar to your 777. :-D
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PropSpinner on August 30, 2014
Great podcast. I will enjoy seeing what other things Peter contributes to Flite Test. Sirpol for the people!
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Joker 53150 on August 30, 2014
FlyingMonkey, thanks for the recognition on my Red Swan (balsa Hobby King glider) kits. I noticed you mentioned I haven't updated the link lately, but the link was for my Sun Bird (another balsa Hobby King Glider) kit. The Sun Bird was finished and flown, per the updates I posted on the linked thread. The Red Swans..... Red Swans #1 and #2 are done and both fly well. #3 and #4 are the heavily modified versions which are still under construction. I assume these are the two you were referring to. Since these two are all custom at this point the construction got very slow, so other projects jumped to the top of the list. The balsa L-19, the balsa Navion for the Model Airplane News contest, a quad, and now the 67" span Nieuport 12 from 1/2" foam board. Most of these are documented somewhere on the forum. I'll get back to those other two Red Swans, but probably after "building season" gets here. Thanks for the reminder!
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FlyingMonkey on August 30, 2014
Thanks! Yeah I caught that when I went back to check on the forum links. I promise to do better next time. :D

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Joker 53150 on August 31, 2014
No worries, hopefully I provide some additional build info worthy of adding to future podcasts!
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alfredo arbe on September 4, 2014
this guy is awesome
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Imaxinar DM on August 30, 2014
Very much enjoyed as always. Esp. great to get to hear from Peter and his take on things.

I also was very pleased to hear about the possibility of a Podcast (with FlyingMonkey) about the Forums. Just the info you all discussed in this show was VERY informative. I actually would have written quicker.. but I was off having a blast in the links you posted. I don't get enough time to spend poking around in the forum, and getting some great topics pointed out weekly is a great idea.

My best to you all.. Sorry I could not make it to FliteFest, but so glad I helped with the KIckstarter. Obviously a huge amount of new directions and neat things are coming from it already..
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FlyingMonkey on August 30, 2014
Thanks for the kind words. I promise I did NOT pay this person to say this. :D
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andre on September 2, 2014
Peter it was great to meet you at FF2014.

The postman just dropped off a brand mini KK board at home.
While it is designated for my 250 quad I think I'm going to try my luck with a transition plane first ;)
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jessejrob on September 17, 2014
Having Fred on was a great addition to the show! It fits very well with the format. Talking about the forums definitely brought a great new dynamic to the podcast, awesome job everyone!
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Damig on December 10, 2015
Cudos to comment by Ano Pilot: Obviously one joins the chorus of wishing Peter all the best and it was interesting to hear a little about him". rather than podcasts, I am a watching the video kinda guy. How to" anything", and ya'll make me spit coffee when you surprise me with unplanned...funny stuff... eg: one of all time favs.... "Peter and Thread the Needle" with that little PunJet! and at the end... "We did not plan for this to be an episode, but I think it is"! Also, Seeing th following that you have, it's fun when you guys take a min to respond to a post/question/etc. It's that kind of connection that make all ya'lls stuff loveable. Ok, so much for blowing smoke up your skirt.... I just saw the Mini Corsair and Mustang Maidens video with Josh. Peter, you are O.K in my book... Unbridled Enthusiasm!! and Passing out on the boxes... Uncle Josh is smooth as silk and you are...... SUPERCHARGED! Fun watching, Building and crashing. Thanks for getting me into the sport again.
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041 Who is Peter Sripol? FoamAndTape