077 Story Time!

by FliteTest | June 8, 2015 | (8) Posted in Podcasts

Austin, Josh and Alex do a roundup of everything that is currently going on at Flite Test. We also "Periscope" and take some of your questions over the app! 


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alexcunningham55 on June 9, 2015
a hollow cast makes me think an EDF is in order
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CrashRecovery on June 8, 2015
the obvious answer....... Blow it up mid air......
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PaladinDG on June 8, 2015
Isnt this the same audio recording as podcast 74?
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PaladinDG on June 8, 2015
Here is the correct link to the podcast - http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/flitetest/FTP077.mp3
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FliteTest on June 8, 2015
Fixed :)
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Littleball on June 9, 2015
You have create a plane with the cast. Maybe even a speed build kit ;)
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banditjacksRC on June 12, 2015
Josh: Why wouldn't you want to do any more community builds. I think it is a great idea.. When I went through most of the FT planes the first place I hit was the forums. Doing these community build will help people in that direction and in turn stay with the FT family!

I think you should drop the cast from the cargo plane and explode in mid air!
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Techno16 on June 8, 2015
I'm thinking you guys should make Josh's cast into an EDF, maybe with an afterburner? I's waterproof, BUT IS IT FIREPROOF?
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Carson on June 8, 2015
turn joshes cast into a quad and make it a flite test video on how you can build on a budget with almost anything.
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Zeb Ludlow on June 11, 2015
diffidently blow it up in midair
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FliteGreg on June 12, 2015
Stick wings to the cast and get it up in the air with a bunch of d-sized estes rocket engines!
Put Peter on the project when he's back from vaca!
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ewlie on June 9, 2015
I think Josh's cast should be a plane, perhaps with an EDF down the hollow.
My suggestion for it's name is 'Jet Pod-Cast'
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krinaman on June 9, 2015
I'm going to go with the cast flying fixed wing and dropping a raccoon wearing a winged rocket pack. Of course the raccoon should also have a parachute because we wouldn't want him/her to fall and hurt itself.

See ya at flightfest....
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SpaceWalker1992 on June 8, 2015
Hey guys! its Joel. it was great to meet you guys, and I appreciate the special mention. The podcast was fun to listen to. Thanks again!
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Ace 13 on June 8, 2015
1: you need to make a vortex cannon out of it and make it fly
2: on the website your audio is playing the audio for episode 47
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SP0NZ on June 8, 2015
I'm with CrashRecovery on this one...launch it like a rocket and make it explode,
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Captain Crash on June 9, 2015
guys this podcast was great we need more of this i bet people are tired of interviews. but i would like a more technical element but i understand this is a catch up podcast. now i see a turn around with video content and podcast keep it on this track guys i would like a reply on this matter ive tried to reach Austin but i haven't got a reply i understand that your busy but this is important

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graymatter927 on June 8, 2015
Speaking of Oneshot, maybe Alex, Eric, Peter, and CraftyDan can talk about their opinion on them? Maybe a One Shot programming video with Eric? That would be neat. Does Alex use the active braking on his KISS ESCs?
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earthsciteach on June 27, 2015
What do ya mean, we just gave up on registration on Saturday??? We were very creative in our handling of registration! Hitches occurred, we rolled with it!
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mike.chuanshi on June 9, 2015
Thanks for putting out a new podcast despite being so busy with all of your different endeavours. And Bixler - thanks for putting in a short bit about "something technical" at the end. I listen to the podcasts for this technical info; not so much about specific products, but to learn more about different components, parts, and configuration. Some of my favorite podcasts remains the ones where David goes into in-depth discussions on motors, batteries, etc. Any chance we can have some more of these in the near future? Also, I'd like to put in a request for some tips, planes, and configurations for flying in moderate to high wind conditions. Thanks again for all of your contributions to this hobby and the opportunities that it opens up.
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FliteTest on June 9, 2015
Hey Mike, yes we will do more podcasts with a technical emphasis. Thank you for the feedback :) -Austin
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NCC1701 on July 1, 2015
A cast firework plane. It launches straight up at 100mph and glides down, then explodes.
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Netrimos on August 27, 2015
100mph EDF that explodes...
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077 Story Time!