078 Q&A with David Windestal

by FliteTest | June 12, 2015 | (19) Posted in Podcasts

Its been too long but we finally get everyones favorite Swede David Windestal to join us and we find out whats going on in the deep dark depths of Davids basement. We also got our listeners to send in some email questions. Will David be at Flitefest 2015? Tune in and find out.


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PeterGregory on June 13, 2015
Another great FliteTest After Hours. I usually save these to listen to on the drive out to the club - but today it was reserved for listening while mowing the lawn. Too windy at the time to fly here in Hudson Valley NY. Plenty of content in this podcast with the great add of having David on the line. Great that the world is so small we can keep you guys together over the distance. Kept me smiling during the antithesis of flying models - mowing the grass.
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Petrie on June 14, 2015
Where do I find the show notes? I was looking for that camera David was talking about.
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mjpilot on June 15, 2015
I believe David was talking about this camera.
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andre on June 17, 2015
Enjoyed that podcast. Pretty awesome to know David still keeps tabs on us.
I've been flying/crashing his V2.5 tricopter for a while but really have not taken it out for a good run in a while.
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_beta on June 14, 2015
If you guys made a quadcopter plate that had a Naze32 board built into it, a lot of people would buy it
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21batchison on June 18, 2015
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josephandrew on June 13, 2015
Great podcast guys love the show😀
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AdmiralDV on June 15, 2015
Was looking in getting a mini Quad BUT now i'll by Waiting for David's Mini Tri, Super exited :)
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LoTechGreg on June 16, 2015
Love the Podcasts, but, a little less gain on the intro, a little more gain on the guys, and definitely more gain on the phone/Skype, would be REALLY nice....
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TurboNinjaStix on June 19, 2015
Great show guys, Im pretty sure I have listened or watched just about everything Flite Test over the last 2 1/2 years, with the exception of some of the Extras content. Anyway, good to hear from THe Swede. I check his site frequently and would like to get his new Naze-integrated tricopter, but I just finished a Batbone/Naze combo and am currently setting up an older hexacopter/Naza I got off of eBay so getting a third multirotor in as many months would be a hard sell to the wife right now. Still, hard to argue that price, though. And speaking of products, Ive heard that Eric's designs for landing gear and other accessories should be coming to the FT store soon. Also, I was wondering if the knuckle H quad frame would be returning now that the racing quad Power Pack is in. Or maybe a more rectangle-box version is in the works? Something like the plethora of 250-sized frames out there, or would they just not be durable enough? Thank you for all you do ! I watxh and listen every week, keep 'em coming! -Jason from Apple Valley, Minnesota.
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FoamFlyinFool on September 9, 2015
My Mini Tricopter based on David's Design I added a upper plate https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1043102819045978&set=pb.100000388093621.-2207520000.1441779557.&type=3&theater
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078 Q&A with David Windestal