122 Did I get the shot?

by FliteTest | August 23, 2016 | (0) Posted in Podcasts

Chris and Andre try and catch up with whats going on since there has been hardly any flying since Flitefest. The guys try and answer the number one question "how did you get that shot" with tips on what equipment to use and how to get better photos and video. Andre fills us in on his new habit, fkying DLG's and that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to start out.

direct download link

Andre's Mountain model DLG

somtimes it just takes patience and a little luck to get the shot you like

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Anon Pilot on August 24, 2016
Very promising... I'm very pleased to hear that you will eventually get around to talking about the E-Flite Timber: I've given you my report already. I'd love to hear a follow-up report on the new Sukhoi, if that were possible. I hope wing racing gains support, I would find that a LOT more interesting as a spectator sport.

Regarding filming... I've been trying, and failing quite badly. Aerial footage, yeah, just as you said, but ground footage seems to be a bit tricky. Some people seem to find it easy, but NOT me. I've tried to buy a GOOD video camera, a Panasonic HC-V770 which was a fair bit beyond my budget. Anyway, some good some bad... no physical view-finder is the main problem so I am currently thinking that I need to build a "sight', I might even try the rifle-mount idea. I think that I have learned that I need to disable the auto-focus and fix the focus to encompass around 20ft to infinity, as near as I can get. Also, possibly, disable exposure correction because it probably doesn't matter if the sky is burned out a bit, what you don't want, inmho, is a black silhouette in the sky all the time. The image stabilisation might need turning off as well. What do the experts say??? I'd REALLY like to know.
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andre on August 24, 2016
That is where 4K is nice. You can shoot in 4K and then crop down to 1080 which 1 helps stabilize the shot and second tighten up the scene.

That said a decent 4K is well out of my price range :)

http://www.sony.com/electronics/handycam-camcorders/fdr-ax100 or something like that would be sweet. I used to work ENG as a camera man. Miss the real camera.
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Burly on August 24, 2016
Do you have the link for David's video of his new radio project?
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FliteTest on September 5, 2016
I'd love to but it actually hasn't been released to the public yet. sorry
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drbohlen on September 7, 2016
oh ok..bummer. The way you were talking about seeing the video I thought it was something available for anyone to see.
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apnewton on August 25, 2016
You have probably experienced this Andre but Zoom H1 with external mic (lapel or shotgun) and Taranis do not play well together. RF interference ruins the audio.
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andre on August 25, 2016
Hmm we did that for the FT Tundra review and there were no issues.

I'll have to test and see what I find. Usually have the H1 in my back pocket.
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drbohlen on August 29, 2016
Where's the video of Davids custom radio he is working on? I checked Davids youtube channel and can't find anything.
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Sunspot on October 17, 2016
I think this is the podcast where the subject of RTF/ARF race quads came up, and let me say, I'm all for it. I am thoroughly incompetent when it comes to building quads, I can barely manage to get a FT foamboard plane built correctly. Building a quad, and then tuning it - forget it. I live in Central New Hampshire, I seem to be the only one within 100 miles who even flies quads, say nothing of building one, so I am on my own and helpless. I got an Eachine 250 Falcon, and when I'm not waiting for parts it's a fun machine. I doubt I will ever attempt to build a race quad, and I'm not dropping $500 on one either, so I hope more affordable alternatives come out in the near future. Seems likely.
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122 Did I get the shot?