Making landing gear for low wing planes

by adamoo | August 3, 2016 | (8) Posted in How To

Durable, cheap and easy to make landing gear

In this article I will tell you, step by step, how to make cheap landing gear for low wing planes. The landing gear that i made seems weak, but it's very durable. If you have the FT Spitfire, it's a really cheap and effective way of adding landing gear to it

Required tools and materials:

  • Hot glue gun
  • A piece of 2.5mm wire
  • A sharp razer blade or a knife
  • Wire cutters

Step 1 - Measure 3cm of the wire and bend it 90 deegres:

Step 2 - Bend the wire 90 deegres again, but this time verticaly:

Step 3 - Measure 7.5cm and bend the wire in the direction as in the following picture:

Step 4 - Cut the wire using wire cutters 4cm from the last bend.

Step 5 - Bend another wire like shown before, but mirrored:

Step 6 - Mark the positon of the landing gear on the wings - it should be right before your center of gravity:

Step 7 - Cut out the cavity for the landing gear width a razer blade or a knife:

Step 8 - Attach the wheels to the wire using wheelcaps - the more expensive method or just using some hot glue:

Step 9 - Glue in the wire using hot glue:

After corrections:

Check if the plane rides straight. If not, then just bend the wires with a bit of pressure.

More info:

  • This landing gear is very strong - it survived smashing to asphalt full throttle
  • Remember - landing gear adds weight - be aware of the center of gravity.
  • After adding those to some scale airplanes, they start to look even more scale.

Thanks for reading :)


jrvalentin62 on August 21, 2016
Good job!
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adamoo on August 25, 2016
Thanks :)
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Making landing gear for low wing planes