1914 Burgess-Dunne Flying Wing, Tailless Flyer

by FoamyDM | October 15, 2019 | (6) Posted in Projects

If you want a well behaved slow flyer, that is simple to build and fun to fly, either LOS or FPV. Look no further. 

BEHOLD! the Burgess Dunne Flying Wing

A Wee Bit of History

A boat builder out of Marblehead MA use the plans from a man present at the UK flights of the Wright Brothers. He set off to build among the first Amphibious aircraft and Canada's first Naval Airplane. It's stable flight characteristics, and nearly unhindered view in the observers seat were ideal for scouting and recon.


I have a Powerup 3.0 and Dart system. While looking around at pusher models I might try my hand at, I found this interesting early era (circa 1914) Flying Wing. in a few quick ticks I built this:

I found out quickly the floats added just too much weight and drag for flight.

and I needed mold-able flaps so I added to put on paper... I was able to fly it in gentle circles with success. (powerups use the phone I film with so no evidence yet) Considering this success it was time to scale this up.

This is when the FTFC20 Classic to Modern Challenge on the Forums. With a Quick Search, I had found my muse.

The Build

This was design for use with a B-pack or C-pack in mind. it uses 2-9g servos and is a fun slow ride that is easy to build. 

the wingspan is ~48" and transports easily. the payload sits right center panel so it had a wide range of setup you can work with. 

The Construction for this craft couldn't be simpler. a couple sheets. and some glue and you are off.

The important thing to pay attention to is the wing twist. just make sure your wing panels are tight agains your vertical supports.

the other is be sure to decorate it with orientation in mind. I was worried that I might loose track if it's coming or going..

Add an inverted power pod on the back and you are ready for Launch!

if you need more information just check the build thread on the forum.

Plans and Maiden!

Build one yourself you won't regret it. The plans are available in the resource section of the forums. (click on a plan to visit).

After a glide test, it was fitted with a motor, and I was off to the races. 

My field tends to have taller grass, and I haven't found a landing gear setup suitable, but with a hand launch it took to the skies.

and if you are so inclined to join the spirit, but don't have a pipe, or smoke like me.  Click Here for a PDF to print one to mount to DTFB.

Fair Winds and Happy Flying 

- FoamyDM


FoamyDM on December 31, 2019
Thank you for building one yourselves, and enjoying it with me. I urge onlookers to give it a try!
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grifflyer on November 3, 2019
Great article for an Awesome plane!!!
Nice work!!
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Vimana89 on December 8, 2019
Awesome plane, can't say it enough. It's different, but it's simple and a great flyer. Great work!
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DokCosmac on December 23, 2019
Very fun simple plane. I easily built and flew this in a day. Thanks for a great design.
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1914 Burgess-Dunne Flying Wing, Tailless Flyer