Scratchbuild 27" Fokker Dri hotwire cut

by aangeles123 | February 12, 2019 | (2) Posted in Projects


wing span 27 inches

Lenght: 24 inches

battery: 3s 2200ma

controls: ailerons-flaps/elevator/rudder

aileron-rudder mixing

motor: ntm 1200 kv/30 amp esc

servos: turnigy 9gr

wings: foamboard score and fold

fuse: 2" pink foam 

New project Fokker dri, i have a old ntm 1200 kv motor, have colored sealing tape, so i download a sketchup fokker and escaled to a 9 inch prop, place electronics and export templates to cad

printing, cutting, sanding, glueing...

battery compartment

battery locking mechanism

for landing gear..used some BBQ Skewers and sushi sticks , inside the wing, botton of the wing some popsicle sticks

for the skin i use colored packing tape

wings assembly, first i glue tail and rudder, then middle wing, makin aligned with elevator for the bottom wing i used some legos to make a parallel guagefinally the top wingcg testing...bottom decalsadding some nose  weight


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Scratchbuild 27" Fokker Dri hotwire cut