3D Printing Custom Gremlin Frames

by FliteTest | April 2, 2018 | (4) Posted in Tips

The FT Gremlin Micro Quad is a great little machine to customise with your own personal frame. Even if you want to use a pre-designed frame, there are a ton of options to choose from to fit your liking. Many of these choices you can actually print yourself on a 3D printer. 

The main place to source these designs from is Thingiverse. If you haven't heard about this great site before, it's a place to share and discover 3D printable files for all sorts of things, from desk ornaments to scale aircraft parts. 

There are a whole bunch of frames on Thingiverse designed by the community. Some of these were produced by FT STEM groups like IC Aeronautics who recently published a great article on a custom frame. This particular gremlin body has a bottom plate with an extra 'outline' which provides much more strength without adding a lot more weight. 

You can also download official PLA Flite Test gremlin frames. You can buy carbon fibre and delrin versions of these on the FT Store. If you're happy using a 3D printed frame instead of some sweet stealthy looking carbon one, these completely free downloads may be for you!

The Gremlin frame kits include all of the screws and stand offs you'll need to complete the frame. 

With the 3D printed version, you'll probably need to provide your own hardware. If you have this, with the help of a Gremlin power pack kit from the store, you will be able to build something like this. 

If you're looking for some inspiration, or simply for something a little quirky, there's even a Koopa Quad to download! Gremlin frames sure do come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any specification. 

Now, 3D printing can sometimes seem like a whole other hobby to jump into. I get that! If you do want to get into printing things but don't know where to start, check out this article published last month on flitetest.com about getting started. 

Before you know it, you'll be zipping about with a gremlin you printed yourself! How cool is that? If you're looking to get designing with CAD to make parts for quads or other RC projects, we'll probably be covering this very shortly with an article going over the basics.

On your way out, do check out the Flite Test Store where you'll be able to read about the spec of these high-performance micro quads. You can also pic up full gremlin kits there, and also have the option to have your quad fully assembled by our dedicated build team at FT HQ. If you draw up your own frame on CAD software, make sure to write an article about it so that others can benefit from your knowledge and print your design!

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3D Printing Custom Gremlin Frames