5 Noobie-do's and Noobie-dont's

by FliteTest | July 3, 2013 | (29) Posted in Tips

Josh and Josh give the top 5 things a new pilot should be aware of.

Always remove the prop from your aircraft when working on it or doing radio setup. One slip can end up costing you a finger.

Another good example of why you always should remove the props.

Take care to insulate all wires properly. If any exposed metal touch your plane is going down.

The 80% rule. Never use more than 80% of the capacity of your battery. A battery checker is a great tool for checking percentages in the field.

Another way is to check the mAh put back into the battery when charging.

The "I'm gonna melt down" song with accompanied dance.

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liveyourdreamsRC on July 3, 2013
Hi Chad... Bye Chad... lol! Can't wait to see the EC145 that Chad grabbed. Also what ever happened to the thunder tiger heli that was in the background that one time? And to Dave, could he do a vid still on his v tail quad shown in here. It still looks so awesome everytime I see it!
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lracnolip on July 5, 2013
ya on the Vtail
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zodrik on July 3, 2013
really guys take the prop off,is look like a toy but can be really mad, also be sure u set a failsafe mode with trhotle down other way if u switch off the radio or lose signal the model will go full speed....s...t happen! :)
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dgrc on July 3, 2013
If you don't throttle back when you crash you might dig a hole to Australia and kill a puppy.
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Klenkyflyer13 on July 4, 2013
ALWAYS take the prop off unless you're actually flying. I had to get 33 stitches on my thumb, index finger, and middle finger when I accidentally hit the throttle and the plane cut my hand.

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808aerosquadron on July 3, 2013
Good job & please keep producing the "Noobie Series." For the noobies, they give valuable information not readily available from other sources. For the not-so-noobies, they give good reminders and some new information (Although most not-so-noobies would never admit the second point.). It is information like that contained in this video which is hard to find but makes the hobby so much more enjoyable - and saves innocent puppies in Oz.
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Scooby1200 on July 7, 2013
Hi the people of Aus say TY for not killing All the Dogs and I love your show :) Kool
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lracnolip on July 5, 2013
Great show, would like to hear more info on battery charging and how to charge more then one at a time. Been flying for a year and still a noob on charging i.e. unsure how to set right amps ( still just doing 4amps for everything )
Also what is on Josh's arm? I hope its something good :-))
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casehatter on July 3, 2013
Good Tips Guys and as always it's a joy to watch ya'll cause you ain't right..
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Washout on July 3, 2013
Always treat your ESC wires like a proton pack... don't cross the streams!
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tramsgar on July 6, 2013
Broke #1 when correcting the servo travel on my Bixler 2 by reversing a few channels. Rudder is the first servo channel, but the first channel is not rudder. Luckily, only a wing got hurt when the fuse suddenly attacked me.
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Crashpilot1000 on July 3, 2013
Good Tips! Puffed up batteries, I have quiet a few of them and just use them for short hovering tests while developing code for my stm based quadcontroller. Or use them to power the circuits for gps tests etc (without running motors) so they still can be of use. I am still waiting for them to burn.. I made the experience that the more expensive lipos live much longer than the cheaps so the more expensive are much cheaper in the long run. (I fly with lipo frsky-telemetry and don't overstress them). A good newbie tip could be concerning zip ties. They are great for mounting some motors and they will break in a crash and protect the motors. BUT most of them are killed by sunlight - UV over time so check them/exchange them regulary or use the double amount of zips on crucial parts - unless you crash very often...... in that case your zip ties are always fresh... . A general prop off can endanger your brushless esc as well because they need some load on the motor. Some people put a pile of metal washers on the motors (while prop off) to give the motor some load/momentum. I am no electrician but running a brushless motor without load could burn your esc - don't know why but someone i trust told me that. I hope that is not completely wrong and stand by to be corrected.
Keep it coming!
"Kraut" Rob
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iceyo on August 21, 2013
Hi guys ! Love your show :)

one smart thing we heli-guys use when setting up the settings on our model is throttle hold on the tx.. locks of the throttle so it dosent matter if you move the throttle stick ( which is also pitch for us ).

Keep up the good work !
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5 Noobie-do's and Noobie-dont's