Review of the Tarot 450 Pro v2

by wongthomas | June 23, 2012 | (5) Posted in Reviews

Hey Guys,

Just build the Tarot 450 Pro v2, and made this little review of it.

I do own and fly a T-rex 450 Pro v2, so I can compare the two.

But the overall quality of the Tarot is almost as good as the T-rex, the screws might even be better, the bearings looks fine, I will come back to that when it have 100+ flight on it.

The tail is very nice, the align got some bearing issus on some of them, have not seen this here.

I brought it from here:

If you like then I can inset some build photos just ask, also the Zyx-s unit that came with the combo is very nice, if you like i do a review on that, and a setup guide, as it can be a little tricky to set up (even getting it to connect over USB)

Hope you enjoy this very short review.

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wongthomas on June 23, 2012
This super combo is 275$
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flitetest_argentina on June 23, 2012
great, how much does it cost? Sorry for my english...cheers

P.S: do you know our show "flitetest argentina" wich is a partner of FliteTest?
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James on July 7, 2012
That looks like a good price. I might have to look into testing one out for myself.

Thanks for the review - it was very informative.
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Review of the Tarot 450 Pro v2