On Screen Display for your Mobius Docking Station

by MrDabrudda | September 26, 2015 | (4) Posted in How To

INTRO:  Want to add an inexpensive On Screen Display to your Mobius docking station?  This article will show you how to do exactly that.  This may also work with other OSD's depending on the pin layouts.

What is a MinimOSD?  A MinimOSD is a highly customizable Arduino microcontroller which displays pitch, roll, altitude, heading, Return To Home distance and much more over your video signal transmitted from the Mobius Docking Station to your goggles or video display.  (A Barometer and GPS is not included with the basic Naze32 Afro flight controller)


Solder the two jumper blocks, one on the front and one on the back, to use 5v from the receiver, naze32, flite controller, etc.

Remove two screws on the rear of the Mobius Docking Station to remove the cover.

Remove the FT952 transmitter and voltage regulator board.

De-solder the YELLOW wire from the voltage regulator board.

Solder one wire of a JST connector to the voltage regulator board where the YELLOW wire use to be attached.  This is the Video IN wire going into the MinimOSD.

Solder the other JST connector wire to the YELLOW wire.  Use heat shrink tubing to insulate the splice.

Add hot glue to secure the wires from moving.

Reassemble the voltage regulator and transmitter and replace the two screws.

Connect the Video In/Out connector to the MinimOSD.

Connect 4 wires to the GND, +5V, RX, & TX pins on the MinimOSD

Solder pins the the TX & RX connectors on the Naze32.

Connect the MinimOSD RX pin to the Naze32 TX pin and the MinimOSD TX pin to the Naze32 RX pin.

Connect another JST connector to the GND and +5V on a spare set of pins on the Naze32 to power the MinimOSD with 5 volts.

Connect your ESC's to the Naze32.



Connect up a LiPo battery.

Can you see the light?  Lights on the Naze32, MinimOSD, and Mobius are lit.

And you should see the MinimOSD text displayed on your FPV goggle or display screen. To get the MinimOSD to work with the Naze32 board a FTDI 5v USB adapter is required to flash the firmware to KVOSD.

IN CONCLUSION: This was an easy mod to add the MinimOSD to the Mobius Docking Station.  I'm not very happy with Hobby King providing the wrong wiring but I Macgyver'd a 4 wire cable out of JST connectors hot glued together.  Hobby King does not have the FTDI 5v USB adapter in stock to program/update the MinimOSD but I found an FTDI 5V USB adapter on eBay which I hope will work with the MinimOSD and update the firmware to KVOSD.  I'll keep you posted when the FTDI arrives in the mail.


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On Screen Display for your Mobius Docking Station