Airplanes VS Drones! | FTP 182

by FliteTest | November 30, 2017 | (0) Posted in Podcasts

On todays Episode Josh and Alex join us to debate the AGE OLD QUESTION... which is better... AIRPLANES or DRONES?!





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TrooperCooper on December 14, 2017
I feel that the entire process of an airplane is an art. It takes a lot of thought to get the airfoil, thrust, CG, weight, ect. correct. Then when flying, you must also keep in mind stall speed, handling, and max speed. With a multirotor, you simply have almost no factors, just plug it in and use brute force to move through the air. Don't get me wrong, I know that the circuits and binding are very complex, and I could never do it, but there is simply nothing that has to be factored in other than CG and thrust. I do, however, love both! (Just airplanes more) ;p
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Airplanes VS Drones! | FTP 182