Low cost engine thrust stand with android app

by yves.morele | February 14, 2021 | (0) Posted in How To

 I want to make a testing Bench for engine thrust (with an Android app) because the commercial bench test is too expensive and now with an Arduino and low cost material we can make it!

In addition I created an Android application for the real-time display of the parameters:

  1. Battery voltage
  2. Rotation Speed
  3. Engine Thrust
  4. Amperage
  5. Power

 I also wanted to make a simple mounting system allowing to test the various brushless motors or Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) with fast assembly and disassembly.

 The test bench allows easy use of ESCs of different powers in order to adapt to the motors to be tested.

 With this test bench you can choose your engine / propeller / ESC or EDF / ESC torque according to the characteristics of the aircraft you are building and check that the choice made will allow the aircraft to fly, you need a weight / traction power ratio greater than 1 and even 1.5.

The created application saves the data for storage and for later analysis of the results:

And with the new android App:

Here you can load the code and complete Android App: source code.


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Low cost engine thrust stand with android app