Biplane in 3 & 6mm Depron

by scottie | June 21, 2020 | (0) Posted in Projects

Well it has been a long long time since I have hung around here,I have however been building away as and when time permits and I find myself with time to spare just now. I have been fortunate to be working all through the lockdown but all my other interests, the gym,martial arts,sparring etc are all stopped.

So I have been building........

As per all my other articles here, you can tell I love to build and I love to try new ideas. I also love a classic !

The Baby Blender, one of the 1st FT models I built and flew, happy days !!!!

This is not a revamp, not a redesigned version but simply my take on a Bipe inspired by the Baby Blender.

THERE ARE NO PLANS so please do not ask because I never used any nor made any , this is a scratch build. 

Material of choice is 6mm & 3mm Depron, covering is DC Fix vinyl and there is some aluminium spars in there too.

This is hopefully enough to whet your appetite, you can see the rest of the images and a shortish video here.....

Well truthfully it is 2 videos :)

It is about 98% finished,just need to install RX and connect Aileron servos.

Maiden will have to be after Lockdown restrictions ease a bit more.

So there ya go, hopefully I can get this flying soon.



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Biplane in 3 & 6mm Depron