Building the FT mini guinea! My first FT plane!

by CrazyFastFlying | January 15, 2019 | (4) Posted in Projects

Hi FliteTest community,

The Mini Guinea is my very first FT Speed build kit. I picked the Mini Guinea because it is high wing witch means that it will be easy to fly, it's a twin engine plane(I already had a single engine Cessna so I wanted to try something new), and it has a cargo door so I can drop parachute guys, toothpick gliders, ect. 

That being said, lets get started!

To start I soldered bullet connectors on to the motors and ESC's.

Next, I put together the mini power pods. Since this is my first time building the power pods, it took to between 45-60 minutes which is kind of a long time..

After the power pods, I got up the FliteTest Build video and started building the the wing.

The Build video can be found Here.

Next, I folded the wing over to make a nice air foil. I also installed the aileron Servos.

Then I made the things that the power pods sit in and install them on the wing. Then I put the motors on and connected all the the wires.

Then I built the body and the battery platform. You have to make sure the body is perfectly square.

Then on to the nose and tail!

I attached the nose to the body and installed the elevator and rudder servos.

Lastly, I plugged all the wires in to the receiver and put on the wing.

I had a very fun time building the Mini guinea and definitely recommend you get one. Also Keep a look out for articles on my maiden flight and how to add a cargo door!

If you want to support FliteTest and you want to build the mini guinea, head over to and search "Mini Guinea".

Also, Please subscribe to my youtube channel: CrazyFastFlying

Have fun building your FT Mini Guinea!


Bando FPV on January 17, 2019
Nice man! Congrats!
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CrazyFastFlying on January 17, 2019
Thanks! Right now I am waiting for good wether to maiden it.
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Bando FPV on January 17, 2019
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Building the FT mini guinea! My first FT plane!