Building the World's Largest Racing Drone

by FliteTest | April 18, 2017 | (0) Posted in Challenges


You've likely seen a ton of videos and social media posts about our giant racing quad recently, but maybe you're still curious about how it was made. TJ, Josh S. and Chad share details about the birth of this ginormous project. 


Additional racing quad details: 

  • Modeled after the XR Element
  • 4:1 scale (meaning for every quarter inch on the original, we made one inch on the giant quad)
  • Frame is made of wood, but super durable (as witnessed from our first video)
  • Standoffs are made out of dowlrod, and everything is held together with bolts
  • Used four 28x9.2 Carbon fiber props (thanks, T-Motor!)
  • Used four P80 motors, which are typically used for agricultural purposes (again, thanks, T-Motor!)
  • Started using two Tattu 12,000mAh, but then moved to using two Tattu 26,000mAh batteries, and we flew about 20-30 minutes of flight (and there was still some juice left in the batteries when we were done!)
  • Total weight with everything loaded (including the batteries) was 36 lbs.
  • Used four 80amp ESCs (thanks, yet again, T-Motor!)
  • Used an Eagle Tree Vector system for aerial video
  • Used a RunCam Swift—ran it off the TBS Triumph VTX


What next gigantic project should we take on? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!


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Building the World's Largest Racing Drone