David Windestal's latest Tricopter Film

by FliteTest | April 18, 2018 | (3) Posted in Just Fun

Our favourite Swede David Windestål is the undisputed king of tricopters. His kits available at rcxplorer.se have remained a unique and popular choice for those exploring the DIY multirotor avenue of the hobby. These things just look so good! Check out that sweet carbon. 

If you've not seen many of his videos before, David has been making films of his tricopters for years. There are a ton of superb edits on his channel you should definitely check out when you have some time. His latest one was shot back in 2016 when he visited Ukraine with the Rotor Riot team. 

"We got to go in to the exclusion zone in Chernobyl and visit the ghost town Pripyat that was evacuated during the nuclear melt down.We had permission to fly wherever we wanted within the town and we all got great footage. It was amazing to explore this place and drink in the history and scale of this disaster." 

For those that don't know much about the Chernobyl disaster, here's some info. Concisely, a catastrophic nuclear meltdown that occurred in the 1980s. It resulted in the entire city of Pripyat, of over 50,000 people, to be evacuated. They have never been allowed back due to high levels of radiation which has left the city completely abandoned. 

For short periods of time, people are allowed to visit Pripyat.

The other half of the film focuses on two huge airplanes that David and the Rotor Riot crew got the opportunity to fly around. The six engined jet aircraft is the Antonov 225 which is the world's largest plane.  

This thing is still in service and there is only one in existence, so it must have been a privilege to have been able to buzz around the 225 with a tricopter! 

The Antonov 225 is also the heaviest aircraft in the world with a takeoff weight of an almost unbelievable 640 tons. I mean, that's just a little bit crazy. 

Make sure you head on over to David's website if you have time and take a look at his awesome tricopters. They really are impressive machines. 



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David Windestal's latest Tricopter Film