Getting Into Stunt Kite Flying

by FliteTest | April 17, 2018 | (3) Posted in Tips

When it's too windy to fly a plane or a quad, you do have another option: Kites! Stunt kites are a great way to have fun with the wind. Getting into them could open up a whole new avenue of your flying hobby.

The kites Josh and Kegan recently used were specifically stunt kites. They come in multiple sizes that allow you to get the one that's right for you and the conditions you'll be flying in. 

These come in many different sizes but Josh and Kegan chose a 2-meter wing to play with on this particular day. The size of the wing, the airspeed of the wind and the size and strength of the operator all factor into how extreme the experience will be. 

Quick Tips for Flying Stunt Kites

1) When launching your kite into the big blue sky, make sure your lines aren't twisted. As you can imagine, this wouldn't be a great start to the flight as steering may well be inverted if you have each line to the wrong hand.

2) Use small corrective movements, much like flying an RC plane, to control the kite. Although you may have to hold on tight through the power window, relatively, you only need small inputs. 

3) If using a spared carbon kite, expect to brake parts. Don't worry though! You can often get spares. 

4) Make sure you have enough room to fly. Kites can be pretty dangerous if improperly used, so don't fly over people, animals or buildings. Nice open fields or empty beaches are good choices. 

About this Kite

The wing the guys used was this Prism Synapse Dual-line parafoil. It works in a similar way to a paramotor wing. Unlike a traditional kite that uses spars to give the wing a semi-rigid structure, there are no carbon spars in the Synapse. This means it is rather robust and can take a hit. 

These things are, as you'd expect, super manoeuvrable. You can learn to do spins, dives, and figure 8’s in no time. Always be careful of where you're flying and who's around; as you can see, Jeremy was looking a little nervous! 

You can also learn anywhere you go as this kite folds up neatly into a very small bag. It's the perfect sort of thing to keep in your car ready to go or to throw in your adventure backpack when out on a hike. 

So how about it? Maybe you should grab one of these things and have some fun in the wind next time around! 

Let us know if you get a kite of your own!


Pick up a Synapse Kite

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RoGuE_StreaK on May 1, 2018
In my experience Aldi's $7 stunt kites (Aus) work brilliantly. Of course you have to wait for them to be in stock, but it's usually a couple of times a year.
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Getting Into Stunt Kite Flying