Check out this Awesome Dornier Libelle Seaplane!

by FliteTest | March 7, 2019 | (13) Posted in Just Fun

This week on the community spotlight, we're talking a look at FT Forum user Doctor Looping Looie's Dornier Seaplane.

It's great seeing all of the wonderful creations out there in the Flite Test community. Some are really out there, and some really look the part. This scratch built model airplane designed by Dr. Looping Looie is both. This is a foam board RC seaplane based off a Dornier design from the 1920s. 

Flight Video

Check out how great this airplane looks on the water!

The Real Libelle

The actual aircraft this model seaplane is based off was a small seaplane designed all the way back in the 1920s where flying boats were just becoming popular. Dornier was one of the biggest producers of flying boat, in fact producing one of the largest flying boats in the world - theDornier Do X

The Libelle, in comparison, was really a very small seaplane designed to fit just a few people into its open cockpit.  

Model Info

Dr. Looie talks about what inspired him to build the Libelle on his Forum thread:

"Back in summer, there was an RC seaplane meeting at a lake near me, so I needet to build some planes. I finished my foamboard version of the Redaq, which was wayy too overpowered and heavy. Then I desinged a beautiful WWII style seajet, which flew good, but was wayy too underpowered. But I still had my slowfly powerpod laying around, and quickly wanted to make a third plane, something very slow and simple. My choice was the Dornier Libelle"

To build one of these, you don't need much: two sheets of foam, your radio gear and a Flite Test powerpack A is all that is required. 

More Info

For more information about how you can build one of these Dornier seaplanes for yourself, make sure to visit the FT Forum thread all about the Dornier Libelle scratch build project. There you can find free plans to download. 

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Dr. Looping Looie on March 8, 2019
Wow, its so awesome to see my design at Community Spotlight! Thanks Flite Test!
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kosm on March 14, 2019
very nice small plane thanks for the plans my frent dr. looping Looie
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kosm on March 14, 2019
very nice small plane thanks for the plans my frent dr. looping Looie
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TheGill on April 1, 2019
Awesome gonna have to do it.
Been working on a Loire 130 with limited success,. Really like the simple undercamber wing design you went with!
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Check out this Awesome Dornier Libelle Seaplane!