Community Spotlight | AP Eazy Ducted Fan Trainer

by FliteTest | March 22, 2018 | (16) Posted in Just Fun

EDF's have always had a stigma attached to them in the RC hobby. They've always been notoriously unsuitable for beginners and often difficult to fly even for seasoned pilots. One of our community members, Airc Pirates, has turned this sentiment on its head by designing the AP Eazy Ducted Fan.

As you can see, the design passes a striking resemblance to pusher prop airplane with the motor up top. It reminds me especially of the FT Explorer, a model designed to be customised and versatile. Being in this beginner friendly configuration, the AP Eazy Ducted Fan looks like it would be a good first EDF for anyone wanting to pursue this chapter of the hobby.

Here's the FT Explorer for comparison. As with the Explorer, the Airc Pirates' design may be well suited for FPV, what with all that room up front. 

The AP Eazy Ducted fan is actually derived as a variant of another design - the AP Eazy. You can also download the plans for this plane on Airc Pirates' website


So how does the EDF version fly? Here's how. 

Airc Pirates have produced quite a few designs aside from the AP Eazy. These include the incredibly cute little AP Kwak - it's a baby sea duck! Make sure you visit the website to find out more about this tiny chap. 

Here at Flite Test, we just love seeing community designs like the AP Eazy Ducted Fan. If you're thinking of designing a new plane, go ahead and share some plans! Imagine having your work made by other people all over the world, it's a truly great feeling when you see others building something that was once only an image in your head. I'm already looking forward to seeing what's in next Friday's community spotlight!
Make sure you post about your own creations in the Forums!


Airc Pirates Website

Free Plans for this plane

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brettmandy13 on March 28, 2018
Will this be available in a kit on the Flite Test store?
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frank.wolf.502 on March 25, 2018
I bought my first edf from motion RC. Loving the jet sound but when the foam plane is no longer intact i was looking for plane to slide motor into and this looks like it fits the bill. I sucked sticks into my low duct breaking my prop so the high motor seems like a better fit. Thanks for posting.
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yosufzahid on April 4, 2018
I made a plane similar to this one but I figured out that my motor is spinning the wrong direction and when I attempt to fly it crashed and now it’s not fly able any more
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Community Spotlight | AP Eazy Ducted Fan Trainer