Connex HD Video Downlink (Overview)

by FliteTest | May 26, 2015 | (8) Posted in Reviews


You could stream the HD signal to an HD TV or fly FPV with a pair of Headplay HD FPV Goggles.
Check out for more information on the Connex HD Video Downlink!

When looking at the delay between the Immersion 5.8 signal, the Connex and DJI Lightbridge, we did a very simple "hand wave" test. While we could have gotten into very specific latency numbers, what really is important is the latency that is discernible to the human eye.

All three perform fairly well with 5.8 being the lowest quality but the fastest transmission. The Connex was extremely fast but had some discernible latency. It appeared to be somewhere in-between the 5.8 signal and the Lightbridge signal. Latency on both the 5.8 and the Connex system is most likely due to the GoPro processing the signal, not the signal speed itself.

This custom HDMI cable is a great solution for a gymbol setup!

Big thanks to for sending us a unit to test!


thomasbaxter5 on May 29, 2015
I was hoping that the Connex HD system would be a cheap alternative to the Lightbridge system, but at $1500 HD FPV is still out of my reach.
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surfshooterhawaii on May 27, 2015
Connex HD downlink ground station hdmi output vs Inspire 1 controller hdmi output.
Which one had the best video quality that could be used for
live streaming?
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Tevarian on June 9, 2015
With most TVs you need to switch to Gaming mode to remove the input delay. I bet that would remove the majority of the delay.
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pilotnbr1 on March 18, 2016
You guys need to build and review a WifiBroadcast system!
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Connex HD Video Downlink (Overview)