Control Surface Workshop

by FliteTest | March 6, 2013 | (24) Posted in Projects

We had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with kids at the Greater Stark County Urban League where we teamed up with Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds program and held a workshop on aircraft control surfaces. 

We went over some basics of how control surfaces allow an airplane to maneuver in the air.

We thought the kids would be able to understand control surfaces better using our custom made simulator chair!

With a leaf blower attached (to push air over the rudder) a foot peddle connected to the rudder would turn the simulator chair in the same way an actual aircraft that has a foot peddle rudder system.

After everyone had a chance to take the simulator chair for a spin we set out to work with the kids and help them build some hand launch gliders! 

Connect a Million Minds volunteers helped us work with the kids as we put together the speed build gliders.

The FT speed build kits really helped us with this workshop and it was great to see kids of all ages assembling their very own airplanes!

The gliders were modified FT Flyer's setup without custom fuselage that had some machine nuts held in place with barbecue skewers.  

These customized FT Flyer's also gave us a chance to teach the kids about CG.

Once everyone had their gliders ready to go, we sent them to the gym to test them out!

Afterwards we recapped on what we learned and answered questions the kids had.

Finally, on a buddy box setup, we gave the kids a chance to fly ParkZone Night Vapor RC Airplanes, where they had the chance to get hands-on experience flying RC airplanes for the first time!

We'd like to thank Vince Watts and everyone at the Greater Stark County Urban League for their help with this workshop. Special thanks for Joe Richardson and Time Warner Cable for the opportunity to be involved with the Connect a Million Minds program.

Check out additional photos and join in on the discussion in the forum post HERE.

Additional information on Flight Control Surfaces can be found HERE.





flitexunil2testforums on March 6, 2013
Hey guys, we run an AMA TAG event at our local club each summer. I'd love to build a simulator like you did and have it at our field as part of the lecture bit. Did you find plans for that somewhere or was that an in-house design?
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ThePhoenix on March 6, 2013
nice project, hope the kids enjoyed it ;) there's a young guy in our street too who visit us when we're flying. i let him fly a model of mine but he was confused with the elevator. he thought when he was pushing, the plane goes up ;-)
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Davec921 on March 7, 2013
I would say the reason the Kid thought that is that is the way 90% of Video games work.
All the first person shooter have you push the stick up to look up.
So when he wanted to the plane to climb he pushed up on the stick.

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Willsonman on March 6, 2013
Seriously cool stuff guys. Reaching out like that is phenomenal and such a wonderful thing for young kids. Now... lets see that FT TWIN!!! And is that a FT-47 (P-47) in the back there?
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Sonicg on March 7, 2013
Judging from the elliptical wing, thats a Spitfire. So thats a FT-Spit I guess
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Exhodus on March 7, 2013
Seconded! It looks like a Spitfire, and it looks positively awesome :)
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entomophile on March 6, 2013
You guys should post plans for the glider. Looks like a cool first project to do with my kids.
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Adib Vahedi on March 6, 2013
Great job guys i love how u teach kids the basics!!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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Jacobson on March 6, 2013
I also like that simulator. I am a STEM teacher and would like that for teaching tool...
Nice Job!
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casehatter on March 6, 2013
Need more pilots and RC nuts you go guys and ya looked like kids ya self haven a ball..!!
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cloud9photos on March 6, 2013
This is just Fantastic!

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smit6089 on March 7, 2013
You guys rock! Love that you're actually involved with the kids and it's great to see everyone working together. Please keep it up and keep inspiring everyone that you can!
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lFritZl on March 7, 2013
Awesome to see......wish i had that exposure when i was a kid
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llbr22 on March 12, 2013
Very inspiring guys! I live in a pretty challenged neighborhood and would love to give back. Would you guys mind if I 'cloned' your program? I may have a few interested dudes willing to volunteer their time (build the simulator chair, etc.) And I wonder if it would be beneficial to partner with the Connect a Million Minds program as well?

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Control Surface Workshop