July 2012 Director's - UPDATE

by FliteTest | July 23, 2012 | (0) Posted in News

Chad takes a moment to update us with the details of some new website search features, sponsorship, and the Flite Test mission statement!

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PunkStar Studios on July 23, 2012
Great update video.
How about reviewing some of the multi-rotor kits out there. Specifically DJI Innovations. Their GPS/Autopilot/stabilizer thing seems really good from my experience - but I've never tried anything else. They also have a helicopter autopilot which is really making me consider getting into the larger helicopters (currently only proficient on the SR120).

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santiago404 on August 1, 2012
I agree, i am getting into the multirotor thing, and i bought an F450 with Naza that will be delivered in the next days. It would be awessome to have more reviews comparing them, but not only those, there a whole universe of similar things you can compare.
A lot of us at least once tought "they do the same, but wich one is better?"

Also, comparing other sites consumer service, Like Flying Hobby / SDS Hobby / bevrc, finding good deals on those.. like i said, theres a whole universe out there to explore.
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gadgetmerc on July 23, 2012
i have flown grayson motors because I used to follow rcpowers. I have almost bought a few RC Timer motors a couple times. It would be nice to see you give them a try or just talk about motors that you have already tried before.
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walt.p on July 24, 2012
I think you hit the nail right on the head when you mentioned multiple sponsorships. This would not only generate funds but would also allow you to explore and reveiw a mutitude of different products directly related to our hobby. Best of luck no matter which direction you choose to travel.
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Orcoz on July 24, 2012
Flitetest team, thank you for the update and for the opportunity to 'help' guide some of the decisions! As I look around my office I see a scratch built F22, my FPV Bixler, a Parkjet Mkii, a DH100 Vampire, and a 'simple quadcopter' in progress. Elevated? Inspired?

My point is that after 14 years in this hobby I now seem to ONLY buy stuff that you guys have discussed/bought off on. That is extremely powerful, and frankly valuable to ME. I love that you are moving in a more 'independent' direction, but also hope that HobbyKing recognizes the impact you've had on their sales. I overlooked a lot of the order/support headache with HK simply because I felt that I could trust Flitetest. So any other sponsor that 'shares' in the value you folks bring this hobby would be well served to work with your open minded approach to the reviews.

OK, on to the important part... getting you guys paid. I've often wondered how you are supporting this show beyond that 1 or 2 sponsors, and hope that you are in a position to create a company around this idea to pay your staff and on air talent. Obviously, the T-shirts would be great. Keep it simple. HOWEVER, I think the real opportunity would be to have links to the products you are recommending and have the companies pay you a residual based on hits/purchases.

The technology is there via Hadoop or others... and is in use today for companies like Target, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble. I believe they track hits for a small dollar amount, and purchases at a % of sale when the purchaser comes directly from your site. The idea is that your "inspiration" will compel us viewers to want to look into whatever it is that you're talking about.

OK - sorry for the diatribe. Last point is what I want you guys to do future episodes on... troubleshooting a quadcopter :)
I'd like an episode where you guys interview (via skype like you did with the long distance fpv guy) RC Podcasters like the Crashcast or All Things that Fly.
I'd like an episode that strays from RC flight, and talks about Tank combat or the guys that do balsa wood battleship combat! Hehe
I'd like an episode that delves into "Josh's Setup". I see he typically uses a DX8... interview him on what he likes and why. Same with the little Josh, Dave, Dave, Chad, and anyone else who stumbles in front of your cameras.

Thanks again team. Keep up the great work!

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FlyBoy on July 25, 2012
So if they are not sponsored by hobbyking, that means that they won't, make those plane reviews? That means there will be no Zephyr V-70 rewiev :(
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casedog21 on July 30, 2012
Its a great thing that all of you are doing here. I am personally glad to see that you are moving away from HK some. They make a decent product. Support is minimal. Shipping is terrible. Then if you buy from the US warehouse you are obviously paying their shipping cost to get it from HK to the US warehouse and from them to us. So double shipping. Not to mention I would like to ship things with other places besides USPS. I have been a loyal customer and enjoy the prices but sometimes it isnt worth it when you factor in shipping. When I was growing up this hobby was way too expensive and the prices have come down a great deal since then. I enjoy your show and have watched almost every episode. Sometimes I would like to see you say "This plane is a piece of crap dont buy it" As far as funding a paypal "donate now" button wouldnt hurt. I think your following is strong enough. I wouldn't feel so much that you were charging me as much as I was able to give back to all of you a little for the valuable information I receive from some of your shows. IMHO.
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rcflyerguy on July 24, 2012
Love your show, Hope its here to stay for a LONG time :)
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Gersio on July 24, 2012
Great update.
I think that the best way to fund the show is doing what you do best like sharing, entertaining and exploring new things and possibilities and most important doing that with sense of humour and happiness.
Some links, to producers and sellers, about what has being presented could help a lot and is easy to keep under control. Some items under FliteTest logo to be commercialized (parts, planes, electronics, etc....) will be very well accepted. My perception is that FliteTest is already a brand that sells and have acquired credibility and this, for sure, does have a great value.
Regarding what I'd like to see more in the show could be FPV stuff and long range flights.
Once more, great update
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btallis on July 24, 2012

I really liked this Director's Update. It's like you are giving us a "back-stage-pass" to what you guys are thinking and doing. It's obvious that you guys care about what we in the hobby want.

I liked your mission statement (and good video montage during the statement, by the way...) I feel you guys are doing a great job with your mission.

I also was in the hobby for many years, but then got dis-interested. I came across your site and you have refueled my passion for the hobby. Not only my passion, but also my 9 year old son. He has watched some of your build videos and almost every day he has "designed" a new scratch-built foamy. When I get home from work, we cut it out, hot-glue it together, and he spends the rest of the evening flying and tweaking the plane. It makes me so proud as a father to see the mile-long smile on his face when an airplane he designed and built flies for the first time. I'm also glad that he is interested in RC planes instead of rotting his brain playing video games or watching TV.

So, deep down, thank you for all that you guys do. Please keep it up.

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wingnut on July 24, 2012
Well Btallis I could not have put it better myself. I am an aeromodeller who has returned after many years and for me this is like a school for aeromods. thanks guys.
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kiwideno on July 26, 2012
Well for myself on the subject of funding I would be happy to donate to you guys with pay pal say for example, This is NOT charging us but gives us the viewer a chance to show that we value your show with more than your comments. Since you have changed your site to this format I find myself building a b17g while watching your vids and others.
Makes a change to have good content to watch 5 stars to you and those who take the time to post there experience. Thankyou...
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motomad111 on July 23, 2012
I am finally back in the hobby after about fifteen years... I stumbled across you by accident and have learned alot of todays technologies by your shows. From what i've seen so far you have met your mission statement GREAT JOB! I have seen alot of your broadcasts: but not all yet, as far as funding is concerned you should probably consider all of the things you have mentioned... sell more than just t-shirts and hoodies, sell coffee mugs, hats, flight boxes anything with your logo. Sponsorship is a must get as many little sponsors as possible and if there are big sponsors thats fine also... build more scatch built planes and sell the plans(cheap) go to flying events spread the word and sell your products(meet and greets) as far as what i would like to see is more indepth details on electric motors esc's and battery packs what all those numbers mean(idiots guide so to speak) Electrics seem to be the way the hobby is going but to all the newbies "we haven't a clue) thanks and keep up the great work...Motomad111
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patolin on July 23, 2012
I think a good funding option will be sell plane kits, "cutted and tested by flitest crew"
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gadgetmerc on July 23, 2012
thats also a great idea, but only if it doesn't affect the show. Sometimes video producers aren't great at producing goods. Go for it if you have the time and energy thought.
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Benn Gunn on August 19, 2012
You’re a clever chap, doing really good stuff and making brave decisions. Enjoy what you guys are doing.... you inspire, very well done all.

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Eric Deagle on July 24, 2012
Here are a few things that you can consider doing to raise funds if you haven't thought of all ready.

1) Do a stronger/aggressive marketing pust to sell t-shirts, stickers, and other Flite test swag, put a support flite test push behind it
2) Set up a pay pal donation box on the site, that way viewers can have the option to donate money if they choose to support the flite test mission.
3) auction off some of the items you have used in past episodes

As far as vendors, I have had great service from Grayson Hobby and the parkjet motors I have used are very good.
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jd7792 on July 24, 2012
Funding: I have noticed that there are a few sites that sell precut depron plane kits with various options such as motors, electronics etc. To me the problem seems to be their cost. I have become a real fan of the scratch build but here in Australia Depron is so expensive that it is almost not worth it. I personally enjoy doing the plan printing and the cutting and so on, but as I said the cost of the basic product makes it hard to justify. May be you could produce laser cut models get rid of the waste, package then in a simple style and sell them at a real decent price. Just a thought! Good Luck with the survey.
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WizzyWiggs on July 24, 2012
I think you guys shoudl come up with your own FliteTest (or some other name) brand for RC planes and start selling them. You made tons of scratch-built planes and everyone knows that RC hobbyists always looking for the unique and affordable planes. SO far, I have been wanting to have (and make next) all the planes you built. If you were selling them for reasonable price, hell, I would buy them from you :) Also tons of people use Kickstarter to push their concept or product, maybe that will be an easy way to raise money really quick, you have tons of followers on this site and YouTube channel, just IMHO
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fstone35 on July 25, 2012
This suggestion is more for the readers of Flight Test, rather than to Chad and the crew. How about getting your local club to sponsor an episode or two? That would help to keep the reviews and opinions more unbiased.
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jman169 on August 3, 2012
Great update and providing us with a voice to help guide Flitetest. I wouldn't mind paying a yearly fee to have Flitetest available to me when I want it. You guys do a great job of delivery your mission statement to your followers.

Since many of us out here buy equipment from the RC classifieds, it would be nice to have a series of videos explaining what to look out for when buying ESC's, engines, motors and general electronics from fellow modelers. Also explain the sizes of electric motors for specific applications.
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XFlyer on July 24, 2012
Hey guys. Keep up the great work. Ashame about the hk sponsorship but i totally agree with the biest thing and the freedom.

Maybe you guys could do a review on the parkzone p-51D mustang gunfighter (full size)?
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crashmaniac on July 24, 2012
Thank goodness for the likes of HobbyKing etc.

they exposed the local Hobby Shop rip offs.

Chad is this really a good idea to drop your two major sponsors ?

I don't think Josh or Josh have been bias as many times they have told it how it is & suggest a fix to

Improve a model.

are there really that many other suppliers online like hobby king & Horizon Hobby who have good

competitive prices & service, we don't want to be left with the likes of Banana Hobby etc do we ?

Are we having to go back to the old local hobby stores that have been ripping us off for years ?
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PunkStar Studios on July 24, 2012
Yeah - but delivery times are horrendous
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crashmaniac on July 24, 2012
Well, I have made 9 purchases since March & none have taken longer than a week from the Aussie warehouse & 12 days from Hong Kong ?

maybe I have been lucky, 3 purchases were aircraft as well.

there is some frustration with part availablity for some aircraft, seems they don't always carry spare bits for some models they sell. but the prices are so good it pays to buy two, one for parts ? if you think you might ding it ?:)
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PunkStar Studios on July 24, 2012
I wish I had that kinda luck.
Order confirmations all say allow for 45 days delivery - they ain't kidding.

Ordered a Bixler on July 4th.
Didn't get picked until July 16th.
Shipped out July 17th.
Still in transit.

Ordered a few batteries on July 12th.
Didn't ship until the 17th.
Still in transit.

Pretty typical. I've ordered stuff from time to time. Occasionally I've cancelled orders when it still wasn't picked after 2 weeks.

Support your local hobby shop whenever you can; but in the same breath there are some things which don't make sense to buy at the shop - batteries for example. The nanotech batteries at HK seem like a really good buy if you can wait for the shipping.

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PunkStar Studios on July 24, 2012
Oh yeah - cancel an order and wait 45 days for a refund. They are very quick to take your money but give BS accounting excuses for refunds.

But hey - I admit - they are a great resource for price shopping. Often I'll use their pricing to drive the price down at the local hobby shop.

As much as I like to complain about HK - I do purchase certain things from them and I use their website as a reference all the time - and I'm glad they are around... they have their uses. So it's a take the good with the bad sort of thing really.
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Mirabile Visu on July 24, 2012
From my viewpoint, you have succeeded superbly with your Mission Statement. I was getting a bit jaded after many years of model-making and flying. Nowadays, I try most of the Flite Test projects, and they are great fun and very rewarding. I love the videos, and the humour, and Josh and Josh are great. Keep up the brilliant work. Very well done.
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drese on July 30, 2012
I must agree to Mirabile Visus point: You did already a great job to fulfill your mission statement. I think it is very courageous to drop a main sponsor. worse than a dependent site with your format is having no site with this mission statement.
I got a lot of inspirations from your site - especially from the scratchbuilds. When I look into several forums HK is the No1 supplier for scratchbuilders. So HK fitted to me in this place.
On the other side I can see Chads point and accept it. To be realistic: Sponsorship or selling place for advertisements is probably the best way to make money in the Internet (if you do not sell goods or p*rn ...). To be a little more independent, multiple small sponsorships or advertisements would be a solution?!
At the end I press my thumps for this site. It would be a big loss if this site would not exist in the future.
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PunkStar Studios on August 8, 2012
How about an email address we can CC flitetest on when we email manufacturers, asking them to get their stuff reviewed by you?
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stonekap on August 8, 2012
You can use feedback@flitetest.com
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crashmaniac on August 20, 2012
Het Chad, am I just imagining it or are we seeing less reviews by you guys now

in total ?

Is that because your without HK ?

When is Davids coming back ? His flights over Niagra Falls & Swamplands were

fantastic !
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stonekap on August 20, 2012
We've cut back on review this year. We just felt as though tips, projects and challenges were more timeless and entertaining.
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FlyingMonkey on July 23, 2012
Excellent update! I was wondering if the other Dave would ever be reunited with the Flite Test gang.
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BigRed1 on July 26, 2012
just to throw in my 2 cents on the situation, i believe the general opinion is most likely the best way to go. lots of small sponsorships that wont hassle you; and push your name big time in promotional gear. T-shirts hats, ect. you may also think about cutting a deal with a sponsor to place your stickers in the boxes certain models you have reviewed. PLEASE: do more scratch builds. we like the uni body with 3 tops but i think we could do better; Twin twirl was amazing, i would definatley like to see more of that. preferably models that can be made with "dorm room" budgets and parts, as well as TOOLS! basic, basic tools. were talking exacto knife, tape, glue gun, and a screwdriver kind of stuff. also im very happy to here that DAVID IS Coming BACK! way to go flite test on that one. It good to see us as a whole come together with the amount of resounding support that was shown.

Low, fast an inverted.
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July 2012 Director's - UPDATE