DIY RC Futura

by IC Aeronautics | April 30, 2021 | (1) Posted in Projects

To the Flite Test Community,

Now that we are back in full swing the projects are starting to pop back up again. This one features our version of the RC Futura, designed by the team and built/tested by Jack and Grant, this plane is making out to be an awesome/fast design. Reaching speeds of 90 mph in our current stock setup, this could easily break 100 with the right configuration. After a couple of trials getting the CG dialed in, Jack and Grant have some minor work cut out for them over the next couple of weeks finalizing the plans for sharing and production... so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching and supporting the IC Aeronautics team, for more information about the program:


winglet on May 4, 2021
What a great project and video. Looking very much forward to watching it's development and ultimately building your kit. Super effort!
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DIY RC Futura