DIY Ultra Micro Prop Slot F-15 (FREE PLANS)

by JoeCarpino | November 24, 2019 | (7) Posted in Projects

DIY Ultra Micro F-15 (FREE PLANS)

By Joe Carpino

               After several attempts at finding a good base to make a micro prop slot jet that I can fly in my front yard I may have found the one! The F-15 is the perfect platform for the job. First i went to my laptop and printed some F15 3 view drawings to the size I wanted. At first I was a bit skeptical on if it had enough wing area to actually fly but I printed them anyway, I then sat down at my desk and began getting to work.


A super small, easy to build and cheap micro jet you can fly in your yard! Runs off of your basic elevon control consisting of 2 1.7g servos, a 8.5x20mm brushed coreless motor spinning a micro quadcopter prop and a cheap 4 channel DSM2/DSMX receiver and ESC combo board. Completely constructed of foam dinner plates and classic foamboard with the paper peeled off to keep the weight down. Added strength from 1mm carbon fiber rods and a little bit of 1/16 balsa. Takes a little bit of up trim and tracks like an arrow once its all dialed in. Can fly at a high alpha super slow or kick it to full throttle and hit 40MPH! Pulls rolls with ease and does kickover loops like a dream. The F-15 running full throttle on a 200mah 1s LiPo gets about 5 minutes flight time.

This jet builds just like any other standard prop slot jet from Flite Test such as the FT-22. It is basically a modified profile jet with reinforced side supports and bottoms which act as extra lifting surfaces.


Wingspan: 7 1/2 inches (190mm)

Length: 11 inches (275mm)

Building Materials: 

  • Foam board (paper peeled off)
  • 10.25 inch Styrofoam eating plates
  • 1/16 balsa reinforcement
  • 1mm carbon fiber (for pushrods and reinforcement)
  • Foam safe CA glue (can use hot glue but CA is lighter and stronger)
  • Sharp razor blades/Exacto blades
  • Ruler/Straightedge
  • FREE PLANS (bottom of article)
  • Markers, stickers or vinyl to make your jet stand out


Flight and Build Difficulty: 

Beginner to Intermediate Build and Flight. Flies the same as any other elevon jet, gets knocked around by the wind a bit more but once dialed out is easy to fly. Super resilient to most hard impacts Builds just like any other FT jet using most of the same techniques.



(To print plans... save image and then print.)

I would love to see your versions of the micro F-15! Post on Instagram with the hashtag #microf15 or send me a pic on Instagram. @joecarpinorc


Youtube: Joe Carpino


GremlinRC on December 3, 2019
Amazing job Joe. Really impressive!
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William1 on December 8, 2019
These type of experiments leads toward real success.
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Jackson T on December 3, 2019
This is really cool! I think I've got a dsmx brick with two servos somewhere, I think I might try this!
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Thorondor95 on December 3, 2019
I kinda wish I did this now instead of using my spare DSM brick on a Fokker D.VII
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JoeCarpino on December 3, 2019
If your talking about the 3in1 linear servo brick, I used a different kind that I found on Banggood that’s a 4ch receiver and esc and I used 1.7g digital servos with 3” wires so you can put them anywhere in the plane. All the electronics combined costed around $35
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Jure Z on December 12, 2019
This is just the coolest project.
There's just one thing...
I can't get the proportions of plans to fit together from the jpg images. Could you please make a pdf or something, please.
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JoeCarpino on December 13, 2019
They’re not meant to fit together. When you print them just press “fit to size” and it will give you the right proportion. If that’s doesn’t work reach out to me again.
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Test Fly RC on December 12, 2019
Nice job Designing this Micro F-15 Jet!
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DIY Ultra Micro Prop Slot F-15 (FREE PLANS)