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by FliteTest | January 9, 2017 | (6 Ratings) Posted in Just Fun

Here at FliteTest, we cannot emphasize enough how much we LOVE our world-wide community. Quite frankly, FliteTest wouldn’t be the same without your passion, support and contributions to what we do.

The FliteTest website now has more than 5,500 articles and 20,000 different forum threads all of which enrich, educate and help our community grow their RC skills. And that’s not to mention our thousands of followers on our social media channels, which serves to connect those passionate about the hobby.

Because we are so grateful for our community, we wanted to highlight five contributors and their articles submitted that we believe are incredible.

Ran D St. Clair – VTOL Explorer

Not only did he have a great video and write-up, but he also provided a parts list so that others could create their very own VTOL. He also made sure to address any complicated aspects of this build so that it would be easier for others.

Kevin (aka blackkrystal73) – Raiden

He created a forward-swept pusher with canards, which looks like a space dragon! Kevin and his son are both a part of the hobby and created a large and mini size of this design. It’s an incredible platform for FPV or cruising around. He provided a plan alongside a detailed article with video, photos and step-by-step instructions. It is also available on different sized formats including FPV and EDF.

Jack (aka HBB3367) – “FliteTest Fan or Fanatic? Help me…” Forum

Jack is retired and owns and builds a plethora of airplanes. His wife must deeply love him because his collection is massive and has taken over his living room. What we find fantastic about Jack is that he doesn’t keep all his planes and knowledge to himself. He gives planes to neighbor kids who are interested in the hobby and shares how he completes his creations with the RC community.

Todd Merrill – WeedWhacker

We love when we see others take a FliteTest design and make it their own, and that’s exactly what Todd has done. The Weedwhacker is his version of the FT Bushwhacker. His article doesn’t only share how he built it, but also what didn’t work, which gave a more complete picture of the process of coming up with your own airplane design. What stood out to us was that he reached out to other members of the community to help him problem solve through the process. Also, check out those LED lights!

Dan Sponholz – How To: Print FliteTest Plans

Dan creates our free FliteTest plane designs, which include detailed legends, keys and power packs that work with each plane. You would think that printing plans is fairly simple, however, there are specific aspects of printing you should know in order to achieve the correct scale. Dan went the extra mile to make sure it’s clear, easy to understand and he teaches how to apply what he did to print other people’s planes as well.

Do you feel inspired by what you see here? Please contribute to our growing community! Whether it is through submitting articles or participating in forum threads, your voice matters. Visit to join in.


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