Forward Swept, Pusher with Canards.....Raiden!!!!

by blackkrystal73 | August 23, 2015 | (25) Posted in Projects

Hello Friends...

I would like to share my labor of love with you. I call her the Raiden ( Japanese god of thunder).


For the past 3 years I've been kicking around the idea of a forward swept pusher plane with canards, why? Cause it would look awesome!

Like everything else, it has been sitting on the back burner. Until I saw pictures of the Cuda from Laines Planes. It's a forward swept balsa build. That shape inspired me to create my Raiden.


While doodling in SketchUp I took the FT Versa wings and rotated them backwards on a straight fuselage. Then added canards that looked like the right size. Then I pulled a line here, added a curve there. I had just created the first prototype. 


I found the CG with adamone's canard calculator

The prototype was hard to balance. I had to use 2 - 2200mah batteries to balance it.

It was time to maiden her. So I throttled up and tossed it. She flew pretty good fast, slow and inverted. After 10 minutes of carving up the sky with what looks like the Klingon bird of prey. I folded the main wing. When the wing folded I lost all elevator control. The prototype met its untimely death.

The design was very promising, so I took what I learned and changed a few things. I lengthened the hull, added a cross spar in the main wing and added strength in the nose and forward hull.



 I finally landed on version 2.5



The Build

 Here are some build pictures and explanation. I have included detailed PDF's with the plans that should be easy to follow.


 Below, Align bottom halve of wing to top halve of wing using reference line then tape join.



 Below, Cut double bevel on leading edge.




Below, Tape bottom halves together, then glue seam.




Below, Squeegee off.




Below, Glue in spars, note short side of the spar goes out.



Below, Glue in center spar.


Below, Wing laid out.


Below, Glue leading edge and spars. Then fold over wing, then lay the wing upside down on a flat table. Hold bottom halve parallel with table top.



Below, Make sure back center of the wing lines up with its other halve. They should be strait and flush.



Below, Glue trailing edge then hold until cool.



Below, Cut elevon relief in the wing, not the elevon.



Below, Picture of main wing complete.



Below, Forward hull with the doubled spars for reinforcement.



Below, Another picture of double spars.




Below, Picture of the nose with nose doublers and the forward reinforcement spars and electronics deck installed.




Below, Another picture of nose assemble.




Below, Main wing attaching to the fuselage.




Below, Another view of the main wing attaching to the fuselage.




Below, This is the way I do control horns






The only reason I mention the CNC is that without it I wouldn't of had the flexibility to make changed to the Raiden and try them so quickly. Adding this to my shop has been great. Anyone that is on the fence about owning one, just get one and you won't be sorry.

More options (Todd Optional's Video) Here.

Light Weight Versions

The light weight Viggen is one of my favorite planes, so why not try a light weight Raiden.


This one is with a blue wonder 1300KV motor, 8X4 prop.


This one is with a 2300KV miniquad motor, 6x4.5x3 prop.



I think a light weight Raiden would be a great indoor flyer in a large field house or arena. It really slows down and still maintains excellent maneuverability.


Raiden LED (Night Flyer)

We like night flying. People will come from miles to see what you're




I havent flown this on yet. Not enough hours in the I have no doubt this will be a nice FPV ship, it slows down nicely and is super stable.

Blooper Reel


I had a lot of fun developing the Raiden.



The Plans

Raiden Version 3.0 Plans



1400kv motor like this.

20 inch motor lead extension

2- 9 gram servos

25 - 30amp ESC

2200mah 20c battery

8 X 4 Prop

Your favorite 3 channel receiver ( Radio must be elevon capable)

4 sheets of DTFB or RossFB + hot glue

This is not a swappable. The hull isn't big enough to accommodate the FT power pod. It does use a standard FT fire wall.

Wing span - 40 inches

Length - 38 inches


I hope you enjoy my unconventional plane as much as I do.

I'm crossing my fingers, maybe FT will consider this one for a community build.


Thanks for looking.

Enjoy the hobby as cheap as you can my friends.

Kevin Matusik

aka Blackkrystal73


Pumpster on August 30, 2015
Looks AWESOME Kevin! I'm looking forward to this build if I can just keep on track with all my other projects I have going on, but she'll get built :)
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blackkrystal73 on August 31, 2015
Thanks.. Its a really nice plane. I'm working on FPV with it now. Its stable ans maneuverable at slower speeds.
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Jaxx on August 30, 2015
Very nice work! Now you got me curious about CNC machines. If you don't mine me asking, what did it cost to get the CNC setup that you have?
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blackkrystal73 on August 30, 2015

The one I have cost around 1400.00 I justify it like this. If you bought 6 or 7 kits or RTF planes you'd have that much spent on those planes. My CNC came online this spring. I bet I've cut 30 planes on it for myself, my kids, developing the Raiden and friends. I still have it after that. its worth the investment.
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Jaxx on August 30, 2015
Did you purchase it as a kit? If so, where did you purchase yours? Thanks again.
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blackkrystal73 on August 30, 2015
Search on YouTube. CNC on a shoe string budget.
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jsauerii on October 12, 2015
There doesn't seem to be any plans at all to go with that video series on that CNC router now if there ever was any...
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MystX on August 30, 2015
This is really cool man, good job.
I've been looking for a slipery and cool looking plane to take my 28-36 2700kv motor and just go stupid fast.. Do you think this is up to the challenge? I currently have the motor on a bluntnose versa but it's a little too big for my liking.

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blackkrystal73 on August 31, 2015
I think It would take the power but this plane is bigger than a versa wing.. Its wing span is 40 inches and its 38 inches nose to tail. Give it a try. you'll probably like it.

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steadfast4life on August 30, 2015
Nice, stable, acrobatic. What else could ya want? Nice job!
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blackkrystal73 on August 31, 2015
Thank you
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FPVamaury on August 31, 2015
I already saw this on facebook but it just keeps impressing me how stable that plane is!
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blackkrystal73 on September 3, 2015
I'm working on an FPV nose. It's looking pretty good.
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apnewton on September 2, 2015
Great article and and radical design.
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blackkrystal73 on September 4, 2015
Thank you
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Fisher_of_Men on September 3, 2015
Do you think that this plane would fly with a 3000mah 3s? Just curious…
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blackkrystal73 on September 4, 2015
I'm sure it will. I'm flying one with FPV gear in it right now. I can't really tell the difference in performance.
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Hell2Go on September 6, 2015
I love the LED Raiden, can you post some more details on that one, like where you got the leds and your connection system with the electronics, thanks. I'm always looking for something radically different, nice job!!
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blackkrystal73 on September 7, 2015
I normally get my LEDs from eBay. But I've gotten them from Amazon. I've seen them on bag good too. Normally you can get 15 meter strips for under $10. I get the 5050's they are the brightest. Green really pops.

Thanks, I hope you build her. It's a really nice flying plane.
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james.ketchem on September 9, 2015
you mite not know this but it look like the first jet ever made it was before ww2 and it was made by lockheed called L-133 ,look it up on youtube
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mudman1959 on September 16, 2015
The "Raiden" Maiden
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yehudah on October 9, 2015
hi the plane is great but what i really want is the cnc machine, please can you give more details on your cnc, I was wondering how you convert your plans to gcode
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Petrie on October 10, 2015
+1 on the CNC. Have you been able to find any plans online anywhere? Just starting my CNC adventure so looking for info.
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blackkrystal73 on October 16, 2015
Search on Youtube for "CNC on a shoe string budget". You'll find Dave Gatton's channel. He is more than happy to share the plans. I cut mine all out with hand tools. it's still accurate to .0015 inches. I plan on CNC cutting a new frame this winter to reduce some run out and coupling problems. Even the way it is, it's very useful. I'm cutting Multi-rotor frames out with it now.

I teamed up with Todd Litke aka "Todd Optional" and "Pumpster" to figure out speeds and feeds and bits for cutting DTFB. Sadly there isn't a lot of info out there about cutting paper covered foam.
I'm happy with our progress. I simple could not of designed the Raiden without it.

Todd's CNC is an design, both machines are different in some ways but work equally well for doing RC stuff.
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Heavy313 on April 11, 2016
I was thrilled to see you and your plane in the latest flitetest video! I've been jonesing to build this plane, I was just on hobby king last night filling shopping cart!
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Countrymlb on April 11, 2016
I am interested in the build plans for this wonderful plane. However, I am having difficulty downloading them from the included link. Can someone help me with how to get the plans? I have the Dropbox ap but am still unable to open the plans. Thanks for your help in advance.
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Heavy313 on April 12, 2016
I just spent $150 at hobby king to outfit this plane! I guess I should get to work building it!
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MattH on May 8, 2016
Hi. I've built this but haven't maidened it yet. What should the throw angle on the control services be? I'm looking forward to getting it in the air...
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foamieflyer88 on July 29, 2016
Those control horns are genius!!
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Jpot1 on August 26, 2016
Would this work with a turnigy d2826/6 2200kv motor, 6x4 prop?
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blackkrystal73 on October 2, 2016
that would be over powered....but why not right.. yea that should be fine..
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steadfast4life on January 30, 2017
I am struggling to get the pdf files to print so they line up. I have tried twice with different software (latest Adobe reader) and the tiled plans still dont line up when they are printed. I watched the video on how to print flitetest plans and followed the instructions but the plans still don't line up. My flitetest plans line up. This plane is really great and I really want to build it. Any advice?
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blackkrystal73 on February 10, 2017
Here are the latest plans, try these they work for everyone else..

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Hank Stroisch on April 2, 2017
Built and ready to maiden but I don't see a CG mark. Any guess on where I should start at? I built the v5 but made it a fixed motor.
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Hank Stroisch on April 8, 2017
Totally happy with this one. Man can one person say about a plane that will not wing tip stall. Very impressive and long flight times too. Saw in a video where battery was up in cockpit area and guess CG. Heck there is a lot of room for error with this awesome plane. Thank you.
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blackkrystal73 on June 18, 2017
thanks you. the CG is the dashed lines in the haul on the plans.
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MattH on August 10, 2018
This is one of my favorite planes to fly (can go slow or rip through the sky). Has anyone made a seaplane variant? Perhaps a something like this:
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Forward Swept, Pusher with Canards.....Raiden!!!!