086 Crash Story Extravaganza

by FliteTest | August 28, 2015 | (7) Posted in Podcasts

It is finally here. A podcast with lots of crash stories as requested. join the Flitetest Afterhours crew as they discuss quite the mix of RC crash stories sent in by our loyal listeners. There maybe be a few other things sprinkled in between there as well. Thanks for listening


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PeterGregory on September 4, 2015
The Podcasts are really great, whether they are FT After Hours or "The Guys"
I wish we could depend on them a bit more - I look forward to them for Fri listening, try not to feel bad if they don't arrive... : )

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Jefftherckid on August 29, 2015
I think the crash story they skipped near the end was mine because mine was really long. I wish I had photos of my crashes. F.T. afterhours, keep up the good work.

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FliteTest on August 30, 2015
Don't worry Jeff we will get to ya- Chris
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thewiz on August 29, 2015
What you guys do for the hobby is amazing. But I just have to wonder what time these guys on the webcast start drinking. Credability can be fleeting... so be careful... !!

Love ya , mean it!
A rehab professional
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FliteTest on August 30, 2015
Donuts and lots of Fedora coffee or Mountain Dew in mikes case - Chris
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tyoho on September 7, 2015
I for one was a bit disappointed that the long anticipated "Crash story Extravaganza" started with a 40 minute review of the Solo. Particularly mind stabbing was the nearly verbatum reading of someone else's review.
I get it and enjoy the idea that the "After Hours Podcast" is supposed to be unstructured "bench flying", but I would have hoped that since you guys were finally doing the Saturday morning nothing but crash stories podcast that you've been talking about for months, you wouldn't get so far off track.
The second half of the podcast was a lot of fun, I just wished it was longer.
Sorry for the rant.
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anammox on December 29, 2015
Just got interested in fpv quads and started listening to your old broadcasts. Please invite more crash stories for another crash episode in the future. I'm grading a sidewalk in civil 3d at work and I keep laughing out loud. good stuff.
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Digital Wolf on September 21, 2015
That was mode 4
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Digital Wolf on September 21, 2015
I fly mode 1 (right stick throttle and roll)
Mode 2 (left stick throttle and rudder)
Mode 3 (right stick throttle and rudder)
Mode 4 (left stick throttle and roll)
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Balu on September 1, 2015
No photos? The story with the nutball reminds me of another motto: no plane left behind!
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TheShiphoo on August 29, 2015
That plane in the thumbnails! Perfect plane.. I own one too. PKZ FockeWulf 190-A8

Alright, fine.. Gonna listen to the podcast now...
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Edfjockey on September 2, 2015
Hey there Chris and the guys, If you want the before and after photo's of the 70mm EDF FT-22, check out the forum "leasons learned" sub "Not quite flight" page 3 full story with before and after photos. Had a blast hearing my crashes in the pod cast. We just had a new one I'll be sending you shortly ( had Boyscout's group buddy boxing with us. I have a cast like Josh from a nutball impact!!!) Later guys.
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Bsvoboda02 on September 18, 2015
What was the package tracking app Wayne talked about called?
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jimbo on September 22, 2015
Great guys its good to have fun burn off energy but great planes you guys keep up the good work and having fun i know iam several fails but one success so far a 16" disc flys and works great
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Ano Pilot on September 5, 2015
The PKZ FockeWulf 190-A8 crash, I nearly did the same thing with my PKZ Sukhoi 29mm. I only noticed on the very last control surface check before takeoff.

All talking at once (near the beginning) must be tough for non-English speakers don't we think?

For me, a really good podcast though, with some useful educational value. Even one or two of the crash stories were good. eg. loose receiver antenna.
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086 Crash Story Extravaganza