Fixed Wing Pizza Drone Challenge

by IC Aeronautics | December 17, 2019 | (5) Posted in Challenges

How it was made!

To the Flite Test Community, 

It was the first week of school that Xavier and Jacob, prior no experience in this field, decided to take on the big challenge of creating a fixed wing that can carry two large pizzas.  Fast forward two months later and local Marco's Pizza wanting to jump on board, we have the largest plane that we have ever made, and we were very close to actually pulling it off.  Getting enough footage for our commercial take, and another to prove it and pass the torch with a challenge to Flite Test to see if they could do any better.

The boys went through the entire design cycle, from identifying their problem, to prototyping, to creating and testing their solution.  As you can see through the "How It Was Made" episode, the students learned a huge array of engineering applications, from CADing their ideas, to aerodynamic principles of flight, meeting the needs of the customer, and adhering to deadlines.

We hope you enjoyed watching their journey and we need your backing to get Flite Test to take on our challenge and get Two Large Pizzas in the air, fixed wing, doing it by multirotor design is too easy, so get on the crew over there and do this concept right. Or if there are any of you out there that want to take on the challenge, if you do, please share and let us know how you did.

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jennyanams on April 16, 2020
I found your this post while searching for some related information on blog search...Its a good post..keep posting and update the information.

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Test Fly RC on December 21, 2019
Cool BIG modified FT Spear!
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Fixed Wing Pizza Drone Challenge