Power Pack A - For Mighty Mini Planes

by FliteTest | July 30, 2018 | (1) Posted in Reviews

Here's what you can build with Power Pack A along with anything else you might want to know about!

Flight Pack A is the very first in our line of helpful all-in-one packages to help you take to the skies as quickly as possible. This one has been designed for our Mighty Mini range of DIY aircraft. If you're looking for some electronics to use in a mini RC plane, this one will probably be the one for you!

What's in the pack?

Power Pack A comes with a whole bunch of goodies. 

This high-quality Emax motor is perfect for our mini foam board airplanes. It spins a 5 inch prop and gives you more than enough oomph to have a lot of fun with. Although it may look small, it is mighty. 

The ESC you get is 12amp Emax speed controller with 2mm bullet connectors. This means you can hook the ESC up to your motor with no soldering - woo! 

You also get four Flite Test edition Emax 5g servos. These are perfect for hiding away in your mini airframes. Their size makes them super convenient when it comes to  sticking them inside a wing or tail section. 

Inside the hardware bag there are two screwdrivers. This means you don't have to worry about having the right tools to screw your motor to your plane as you'll already have them all there in the Power Pack!

You'll also find a bunch of extension leads and a 'Y' harness. If you're building a model that requires your electronics to be spread out, these are very helpful things to have. 

What's it best for?

Unlike Power Pack F, this power pack isn't exactly for putting as much power into your model as possible. Instead, the A pack delivers enough power to give your Mini Scout or SE5 a good kick without overpowering it. 

As a comparison, the A pack motor is an 1806 whilst the F pack motor (pictured below) is an 2205. This means that the casing size of the A motor is a little smaller than the F motor.

You can also use this for models like the Mini Arrow, and most other Mighty Minis, for a more relaxing performance. Cruising around on a 2 cell battery is a good way to fly for beginners before you step it up a few notches. 

Which Flite Test kits is it compatible with?

To help you out whilst you're trying to work out which airplanes you can use these electronics with, here's a handy list! 

Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com




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Power Pack A - For Mighty Mini Planes