FliteTest Podcast 001 - The Origins Of FliteTest

by FliteTest | September 6, 2013 | (93) Posted in Podcasts

In our very first episode of FliteTest, we take a closer look at key figures of the FliteTest crew, we talk about the origins of FliteTest, share some exciting upcoming news and we do a Lighting Q&A Round!


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One thing we want to be clear about is that we are not giving up our web show, the store or social media. In fact, we aren’t going to stop anything for this podcast. There seemed to be a considerable demand for it so we decided to set more time out of our schedule to make it happen!


5 Parts:
1. Introduction "What is FliteTest?"

2. A Day In The Life (Bixler, Chad, David & Austin)

3. Origins Of FliteTest

4. Upcoming News

5. Lightning Q&A Round

This podcast is going to be a little different then future episodes, simply because we want to make sure that anyone listening to this podcast that hasn’t heard of FliteTest before can have a pretty good understanding of what we are all about.

There will always be a main topic of discussion that is timely but also timeless… so a year from now, these episodes will still be relevant and interesting.

What’s coming up for FliteTest?

We're going to Neat Fair! http://www.neatfair.org/

Can You Help Us Out?

We will eventually have a voicemail setup so you can leave your voicemails with us and we will play them on the show.

For now, it would really help us if you can go to the iTunes Store and leave us an honest review and a rating. We will read every single one, and if you include a question at the end of your review we will answer it next episode.

I realize everyone doesn't use iTunes, which is just fine! However, a lot of new listeners will discover the show through that software so you are really paying it forward to people who have not heard of us.
You can access our iTunes page here: http://flitetest.com/itunes

On this Episode:

Chad Kapper

Josh Bixler

David Windestal

Austin Furey





Links Mentioned

Explore FTHQ: New Location Episode
Fox 8: Kicking It With Kenny - High Flyin' Fun
KnopTop: Go Make Something!

Wild Cat Episode

Fiberglass Fox Review

Hot Air Balloon Episode


mattplaneflyer on September 10, 2013
Loved the new podcast guys! I listened to every second of it, keep em comin.
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uef101 on September 23, 2013
ooooooya!!! keep them comin
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brandx on September 10, 2013
Hi guys, just 10 mins in but the audio sounds like too much gain and quite raspy. The audio with your vids is usually amazing. So pleased things are taking off (no pun intended)
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dammuozz on September 11, 2013
I liked it very much too, but I agree audio quality is lower than videos. Other than that its very entertaining.
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Hasersys on September 10, 2013
I like it, keep them up please.
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kenton on September 10, 2013
Good stuff. I didn't listen to the widget thing on this page, but rather the Podcast through iTunes. In there I had to turn my computer volume all the way to max to really hear it well. By contrast, when I played one of your videos right after, I nearly jumped out of my seat because the volume was turned up so high. Not a big deal for sure, but if it could be more normalized it would be nice.
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onemoreflite (John Michaels) on September 10, 2013
Excellent! The less scripted and structured the better. It's like sitting around the table with friends, and learning all the tidbits makes the episodes more enjoyable to watch (and re-watch when you guys give reference to them). Just excellent!
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prion250 on September 25, 2013
I agree. Less scripted and less structured is way better. I know you have time constraints on youtube but I liked the casual format of the podcast more. Sit down, relax, and just go with it on the podcast PLEASE!!!!
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onemoreflite (John Michaels) on September 10, 2013
David, i have to ask, did your wife come with you to the US? If not, that's got to be hard?
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hucker on September 10, 2013
Any chance of getting this podcast setup in the Windows phone store?
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sailorJohn on September 10, 2013
Kinda lookin fwd to build (DUSTY) video ,any tricks for dihedral?
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ITCyoy543 on September 10, 2013
Listened to it while working on my RC plane. I really enjoyed it :D
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Neilyboy on September 10, 2013
Loved it. I really enjoy having the ability to listen to you guys while im out and about. Having a 9yr old daughter and twin boys (11 months old) I have zero free time. The podcast gives me the ability to download to my phone, bluetooth sync to the vehicle and listen as I drive to and from work / take the daughter to tumbling class etc. I think it is a great medium (I originally thought how could a podcast about rc ramblings work - but I truly think it can be done) heck even if you just have fun a couple times a month and talk about what has been going on behind the scenes at 'the office' and what to expect in the future it should work. It kept my attention through the entire show. I look forward to a possible airboat/snow-plane build (could come in handy here in central Illinois in the near future). Take care and thanks for yet another way to get my fill of flitetest!
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iitra on September 11, 2013
Loved this podcast it was real and fantastic this show that you guys are just like every one out there addicted to this way of life cause a hobby you can put down for a couple days or weeks I m the same I fly before work at work on lunch after work then go home and hope to go out and fly that is the difference and you can tell you guys have that same addiction this was great I had it on at work while working just another way of getting my fix of fly loved TWO THUMBS UP BOYS
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Jonaith on September 11, 2013
I use to listen to all the episode since i found you guys. And i can say i really like the podcast! It have a friendly side to it i really like. I learn more about who you are and what you're doing witch i found interesting, i was wondering for a while how your day look like at flite test. Please keep this going!
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FlyingSloth on September 11, 2013
Great work on the podcast guys! Just need to mention the audio is too low. If you're all sitting around the one Mic, probably need to pre-amp the audio a bit more.

Other than that, loved it :)
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Cathead on September 22, 2013
Couldn't agree more. Perhaps some compression on the vocals. I could hardly hear Bixler and then David would laugh and my ears would bleed a little. But it was worth it, love the podcast. Keep'em coming. Thanks guys!
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Lorcan on September 11, 2013
Loved how easy this was to listen to. Just really enjoyable. Can appreciate the time you guys put into this. Keep them coming if you can!
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mitchellcook5 on September 11, 2013
You guys should do it as a video and upload it to YouTube as raw-footage with its own 15 sec intro segment, maybe get some pan shots of the audio room you guys record in and put it into a short intro before every pod cast. Maybe have a special video category just for pod casts on your YouTube channel.
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gregfed on September 11, 2013
When playing this podcast, it keeps restarting, and your site will not let me fast forward to where it left off. Using Google Chrome as a browser. Kind of annoying.
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csarazin on September 11, 2013
Hi Guys... I love it... and on top of that, This is my first time listening to a Podcast.
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Mirabile Visu on September 11, 2013
Loved the podcast, I've subscribed via iTunes. Please could you increase the recording volume though. I listen to podcasts when I'm driving, and I couldn't hear the speech properly. I could, however, hear the podcast preview episode loud and clear, and the FliteTest episode on the CrashCast podcast was crystal clear. So, can we have some more decibels please, or sit a bit closer to the microphone....
Thank you,
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Finncopter on September 11, 2013
More podcasts! I really like them because i can do some other stuff when listening to them without worrying about missing something important or funny because there's only audio.
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bbauter on September 11, 2013
Love, love, love the podcast! Only suggestion is that your levels seemed a bit low, so it required me to turn up the volume pretty high to listen. Other than that, I love the idea and the candid feel! Keep it coming.
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markvanhaze on September 11, 2013
A little suggestion: Increase the overall volume of the podcast please.
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Nathan_116 on September 11, 2013
I loved it, but as said above, speak up. I watch/now listen/read everything on my iPod touch 4g and even with my ipod plugged into my ihome with the volume all the way up I could bearley hear Josh and Chad sometimes, especially towards the beginning. So basically I loved the podcast, just next one either record it at a higher volume or speak louder/closer to the mic.
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Auxiliarypower on September 11, 2013
Nice work team! When do we try out the different MIC's?

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Krivak957 on September 11, 2013
Technical: Recording level problem needs to be addressed (as everyone has mentioned).
Content: You are successfully building a true online community. I think a lot of us consider you (Chad, Josh B., David, Josh S., and now Austin) as our friends/buddies, even though most of us have never met you in person. It's fun to learn "tidbits" about your personal lives/goals/views to make you even more real. Just don't overdo the personal stuff. Looking forward to lots more FliteTest.
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RoyBro on September 11, 2013
Loved it. Keep it up. Can't wait for the next one.

Critique: Josh's voice sounded the most natural. The others had an a kind of echo. Perhaps the mic was closer to Josh. Anyway, you might consider having multiple microphones set up, one for each participant and do a sound check beforehand. Sorry if someone already mentioned this.

Content: I loved everything about it. Through the episodes, I feel that you guys are my personal friends. The podcast just enhances that feeling.
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fretsman on September 11, 2013
Loved the POD cast.. Great idea. Looking forward to the next one...

I have to say that I connected with something I think Austin Furey said. Hey basically said "he was proud of helping to hobby grow and loved the fact that often they get comments where someone says they were into the hobby 15 years ago and they were inspired to get back into the hobby because of FliteTest". Well, that is exactly what happen to me. After almost 20 years I am now back into the hobby after being inspired by the show.

Rock On!
Jose (fretsman)
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sawatt on September 11, 2013
Great Podcast, my only issue was the sound volume, It seemed very low, like you weren't close enough to the mic. I listen on my iPad and was listening to the Crashcast just before and I had to turn up the volume to hear you.
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Gersio on September 11, 2013
Guys, I loved !!
I felt like I was there with you but nobody rised any question to me .... maybe next time. kkkkk
For a person that english is not the native language I was surprised, in a positive way, by the way that the episode was seted up. Congrats to all of you Austin, David, Josh and Chad ...... you have done an outstanding job for our hobby. I will be waiting for the next podcast.
Best regards
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baconflyer on September 11, 2013
love the podcast, really interesting, but I think that a little less... "structure" would be great. look at the roosterteeth podcast (formerly the drunktank) for example, it's one of the top podcasts on itunes, if not #1, and that's just a bunch of gamers talking about pretty much anything (3 most common topics are games, male genitalia, and hideously bad attempts at understanding science.) for about 2 hours. the more "free flowing" and conversational the better, for the listeners it's like having a catch-up conversation with some old friends.
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baconflyer on September 11, 2013
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SteveRoby on September 12, 2013
I dont use itunes, & never will.
Please...How about a download link so I can listen to it in my car later. Please.
RSS feeds as well please, pretty please. All the other podcasts I download & listen to have RSS feeds


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Gephorian on October 8, 2013
Found it!

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rcflyer729 on September 12, 2013
I liked the pod cast keep them coming!
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pbryan on September 12, 2013
Question for lightning round: Is it better to minwax before or after I fold my foamboard to create an airfoil?
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randelora on September 12, 2013
Guys, Loved the pod cast and keep them coming. Josh I was wondering if you would be interested in building a Conwing L-16 aka The Sea Duck from Tailspin for the flying boat swappable you mentioned in the podcast. Keep up the great work guys! Thanks
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Otto9 on September 13, 2013
Great job. Wholesome and motivating. You guys are genuine. Keep it up!
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wobbletop on September 13, 2013
There was mention of a crash box episode, but I don't see it in the links. It's probably fairly simple, but I want to see if there are some good tips I have missed.

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baru on September 13, 2013
Yeah not bad mate but whre da pichrs!? I mean it's the videos that make you guys the best.
I guess this would be good for driving or in the workshop or doing lots of other stuff... actually I've changed my mind - this is awesome. Keep it up.
J (New Zealand)
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xtrmtrk on September 14, 2013
I know others have said it but please - LOUDER! It's pretty quiet when streaming from iTunes while driving.
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driftingrz on September 15, 2013
Only thing I think that could make it better other than microphone turned up

would be to setup a Go pro in the room and film the session and have that uploaded on youtube, with this audio track. would really help keep peoples attention who are sitting at a computer
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ITF on September 15, 2013
I really liked the podcast, awesome. But please don't ever cut David off, let him talk as long he wants!
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JohanHulten on September 16, 2013
Really good podcast! Waiting for a new episode.

Grait to have a Swede in the cast! Im too, living at the south part in Sweden.

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Axl on September 16, 2013
Well done guys keep them coming, enjoy all aspects of flite test
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SOOFLY on September 16, 2013
Really enjoyed the podcast.... keep them coming.
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TimJC on September 18, 2013
I was skeptical of the idea at first, but after listening to David's depiction of the 3D printer incident, it is clear there is great content that wouldn't be possible to discuss on the YouTube shows.
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Skyye on September 19, 2013
Been following flite test for around 9 months... And with your guys help i have built a dozen or so planes and a tricopter... Would have been sooooo much more difficult without your guys help :) you guys opened up a whole new world to me in a way that i dont think any other group could have! Thanks :) and keep up the podcasts!!!
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NoUsername on September 24, 2013
Listen to the broadcast while I build, fantastic job.
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proctous on September 26, 2013
coming from someone who just started RC planes 3 months ago, This is a Great Resource. Dont have many people here in hawaii into RC planes, this makes it a great place to listen to awesome people and learn cool things and talk shop. even got my 7 yo son into flying rc now with a swapable set.
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Captain Crash on October 1, 2013
crashing is better than FLYING OR IS IT
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Captain Crash on October 1, 2013
do you guys mind if we call to just talk to you
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Boneshack on October 8, 2013
pls make it louder i have my speakers all the way up and its still hard to hear..

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William Smith on December 3, 2013
David, I first saw your video of air-ballooning a plane far up the clouds. I didn't know you then. But I love RC airplanes, so when I searched videos on YouTube, a video of a plane carrying a glider kept showing up. I finally watched it, and when I found out that this wasn't just a single personal video, I watched more, and was hooked! I finally figured out who you were (David) when I saw you on a FliteTest video. Now, I watch the channel all the time, and have lots of fun and laughs. I am 14, and am just a beginner in RC. I got a simulator (it has probably saved me millions in repairs and replacements by now) and have been practicing on it ever since. I am looking to go straight into intermediate level flying, a 3D trainer called the ParkZone VisionAire, designed by the father of 3D flight, Quique Somenzini himself! I love this show, and will continue to watch your videos and listen to your podcasts. I find your beginner series very helpful for finding information, mostly about electronics. Anyway, thanks guys! - See more at: http://flitetest.com/articles/flitetest-podcast-001-the-origins-of-flitetest#sthash.4b5jQ4D9.dpuf
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rebetavolution on December 5, 2013
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scristofero on December 18, 2013
I am one of those folks your show is targeting...a 58 year old someone that loves the sport but has been out of it for 15 years. It is really because of your shows that I am now getting back into the hobby. The entire flight test team is implementing Chad's vision of FliteTest. Your approach is to be commended (and I never want you to close the doors). Entertaining, knowledgeable and informative. You folks have single handedly raised my spirits and I am getting back into the wonderful hobby. Thank you!
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rickitee on April 16, 2014
I just got through listening to your first pod caste and I must say that I enjoyed it . Chad said that you should read books to get your information that you need to progress in your endeavors, however their are a few of us who do not really learn from from reading. I spent 13 years in the Navy as a Jet engine mechanic and the only way I could learn is to take something apart and once I did that I could see how it worked and then I was able to put it back together. The Navy let me do that and I was privileged to work on the most advanced engines the Navy had.Having said that, I have been interested in FPV by watching flight test and you talk about cameras and telemetry and goggles which being a senior citizen is over my head. could you put together a list of the least expensive items that one would need to get stated. Like buying and airplane that comes with everything, ready to fly. Keep up the good work.
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Daniel Kezar on December 6, 2017
yay the (real) first episode if the podcast!!! not recorded in 1969! lol
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FliteTest Podcast 001 - The Origins Of FliteTest