Flying the Messerschmitt from Parkzone.

by flitetest_argentina | February 11, 2013 | (20) Posted in Just Fun


In this episode, Mateo flies the Messerschmitt from Parkzone by Horizon Hobby.

This is a great warbird with nice trainer characteristics.

Now, Mateo couldn't fly alone so he met Max to bodybox him.

Take-offs weren't that good...not because of the wind, this was because it a tail dragger.

Just beautiful isn't it...

Mateo was using for the first time his DX6i.

Inverted was no probem with this plane. The same happened with the loops and rolls.

Just a great day for flying that bird...


Okey, thats it for now, wait little extra episodes. This extra videos are just videos that we don't want to post as a normal episode. I want also to thank Max for making that flying day just awsome! 

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Benn Gunn on February 12, 2013
cool as always
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Adib Vahedi on February 11, 2013
cool plane and great flying skills!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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flitetest_argentina on February 12, 2013
thank you man!
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Flying the Messerschmitt from Parkzone.